Losses End Now! Game 2 in Cinncinnati

Evidently this comes from the cool scoreboard at the stadium

scoreboard CN v CO

Tonight’s Starters

Jordan Lyles, 4-0, 2.62 (Road: 1-0, 3.91 Road wHIP 1.130 Road OPS .716)


Alfredo Simons, 4-1, 1.99 (Home: 1-1, 2.57 Home wHIP .900 Home OPS .610)

Simons is a 33 year-old with only 25 starts in 183 games over 7 year. But as I like to say, guys figure it out when they do, and there are such things as career years.


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7 years ago

Lyles is the real deal. Smart, calm, poised……..and has some talent.

We get Homer Bailey tomorrow…..who hasn’t been good (yet) this year. We also have Monday and Thursday off. No need to send out a “Sunday” team.

7 years ago
Reply to  sdcarp

no need, but i’m not sure that means they won’t…

but, resting Tulo/Cargo for the end of this one would point to them coming in tomorrow…it would be nice to see those that have been crushing is be given a chance to finish up this series in style and win another one (series) on the road…

wow, we haven’t lost a series in a while! Let’s not start tomorrow…

great game tonight…

wendy Buckler
wendy Buckler
7 years ago

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