Mark Cuban Must Be a Big Fan of Blue

I believe Mark Cuban is great for sports and would love to see him purchase the Dodgers.  The thought of visiting Dodger Stadium and seeing their new owner sitting behind home plate, jumping up and down on big plays and laying into “blue” on questionable calls makes me giggle.  I’m not kidding, I really like the guy.

When I was a kid in elementary school my team was the Dodgers.  I remember listening to Dodger games on the radio at school, Vin Scully and all.  I loved watching Valenzuela, Cey and my favorite Steve Garvey.  My wife and I still argue over whether he was a Dodger or Padre (her being from San Diego feels he is a Padre, but i will always think of him as a Dodger).  So I will always have a soft spot in my heart for the Dodgers and watching the decline of the storied franchise has been a bit troubling.

A few weeks ago I heard that Mark Cuban might buy the team and I thought that it just made sense.  If you’ve ever watched a Dallas Mavericks game, then you know that he isn’t your typical owner.  He actually seems to LOVE the game.  He sits with the fans, yells with the fans (usually louder) and you can read his emotions, on his face, at all times.  He is nothing like the other 99% of owners that sit in their glass castle of a box, several times removed from the game itself. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying he is perfect.  He has been known, during fits of passion, to actually speak his mind about perceived injustices.  Some fans are opposed to an outspoken owner, one who spouts off to the press about favoritism by refs or what have you.  Personally, I love seeing an owner passionate about his team and his players, and if that comes through during an interview after a game and some toes get stepped on, so be it.  I’ll take that over indifference or silence any day.  I’ve heard his players love him as well and that is a true sign of a great owner.  Oh, and a championship ring doesn’t hurt either.

If you want to read more, there was an article in Forbes from a few weeks ago discussing his renewed interest, as well as Magic Johnson’s interested in the team, based on projected TV Revenue.

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9 years ago

Yup, when I watch the Mavs play I don’t watch only the players but the owner as well as I think he is almost the only owner in any sport that acts like a typical fan.

9 years ago

I personally would hate to see Mark Cuban own the Dodgers, or any N.L. team. It would be great for the Dodgers of course, which means a huge Dodger payroll, more big name free agent signings, more competetion for the Rockies. We don’t need a west coast Yankees to play head to head with 18 times a year. IMHO

9 years ago

The last couple of posts are right on. Cuban would make a great baseball owner, but I don’t want to see him in the NL West (Unless of course he were to buy the Rox)

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