Matzek Needs McKenry – the Data is Clear

Just a quick one after last night. We saw how bad Tyler was in the first inning. But unlike his first start he turned it around, using more of a cutter and his breaking balls.  While it takes all catchers a while to learn a pitcher’s stuff, some naturally “get” a pitcher quickly and deeply.  I contend that is McKerny and Matzek.


By the numbers

Rosario  3 games  11 innings   ERA  7.36  SO/BB  .29   OPS Allowed 1.037  BABIP .395

Hundley 1 game   4 innings  ERA 2.25  SO/BB 1.33  OPS Allowed .695  BABIP .333

McKenry 18 games  112.2 innings  ERA 3.59  SO/BB 2.42  OPS Allowed .710 BABIP .302


Yes, the Hundley stats are a really small set of data points, but one thing is clear. When McKenry is back there, he relaxes, he knows that McKerny will make adjustments as he struggles, and his stuff is allowed to be far nastier (his BABIP of .302 is one of the signs that his stuff is tough to barrel up, at least as tough as league average, but that includes BABIP impact of Coors).  A 3.59 ERA, granted in just 18 games, is a really good number for a young pitcher.  But even more impressive is what happens to his K/BB ratio. For a kid who struggled his whole career with wildness, to have a catcher who allows him to get important strikeouts (something rare on this staff) while not walking as many.

So let us be smart about this. While Weiss has stated “no personal catchers” given his issues, doesn’t the data say, do it?

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6 years ago

I think you are 100% right in the fact that Matzek is comfortable with McKenry behind the dish, but I don’t like the idea of a personal catcher. Hopefully Matzek can continue to develop and pitch well no matter who is catching.

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