More Reasons to be Glad You Are Not an Astros Fan….

League-wide offense is way down this year. While we are not seeing a lot of no-hitters, or individual pitchers pretend they are Bob Gibson (ala Ubaldo in the first half of 2010), it seems hitters are just not hitting. It is still April but when the Toronto Blue Jays throw 3 straight regulars who are all hitting sub .200, you know this isn’t the 1990s anymore.

What this has meant is that the home run has become the major weapon in baseball. Last homestand we saw the Rockies score every run against the Giants on homers until mid-way through the Wednesday’s debacle.  Turns out that the Rockies are not the only team living this way. Homeruns have accounted 59.4% of their runs. That is depending on the long-ball.


One other note, I keep going back to Colin McHugh’s great start against the Mariners. Turns out that is the 2nd most Ks in an Astros debut since 1971 when J.R. Richards Kd 15 in his debut.  He is tied with some guy named Randy Johnson with those 12Ks in his Stros debut. Who ever thought that Colin McHugh would be mentioned with Randy Johnson and J.R. Richard. Heck, where is Nolan Ryan in that list. For a great little story about his wife and how she wasn’t at home watching…

Take away question, how many years before the Astros are a .500 team? 2015?16?17? Also, should the league require a minimum salary level since teams like Houston and Miami are getting big dollars in the revenue sharing scheme while fielding AAA teams.

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6 years ago

Frankly, what MLB needs is both a maximum and minimum salary level.

6 years ago

Wow Dr. C – taking it to a new level.

Don’t sleep on the Astros. Depending on which publication you read…..they have 6-7 of the top 100 prospects in baseball. They’re using the TB model…..not only do they want to compete, once they get there, they want to stay there!

But in my opinion, the question in general is very valid and I do question the goals of some organizations.

6 years ago

Think the Cubbies also have a number of good prospects close to the bigs.

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