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While many of us spent time listening to the game, EdTheUmp and DrRockies were living the dream as they took in the White Sox squad in what ended up being another great outing from Moyer.  He only needed 13 pitches TOTAL for the first two innings (seven in the first and 6 in the second).  His line (three innings, three hits, one run, zero walks and one strikeout) was very impressive.  Hernandez again proved he has a cannon for an arm, throwing out two more would-be base stealers, keeping his gun down record a perfect 5 for 5.  Casey Blake is still having a heck of a time at the plate, batting a perfect .000 with an 0 for 9 to show for it.

In the other match-up of the day, Alex White seemed to be more comfortable with his repaired flexor tendon as he unleashed a wicked slider to strike out Ryan Braun on a full count in the third.  He told Troy Renck after the game:

Absolutely that’s a pitch I have and need. I have confidence in it in big spots. It’s good to be put in situations like that.

He went on to pitch five innings, only giving up two earned, in a game riddled with errors.

======================== PRE GAME ==================================

Jamie Moyer will get his second start of Spring Training in a Split Squad game today against the White Sox…In case you missed the NBC article about Moyer, you can read it here during the commercial break. Joining him in the field will be:

CF Eric Young Jr.
2B Marco Scutaro
1B Todd Helton
SS Troy Tulowitzki
DH Jason Giambi
C Ramon Hernandez
3B Casey Blake
LF Andrew Brown
RF Kent Matthes

The other game against the Brewers will feature:

CF Dexter Fowler
SS Jonathan Herrera
LF Carlos Gonzalez
RF Michael Cuddyer
C Jordan Pacheco
3B Chris Nelson
2B Brendan Harris
1B Ben Paulsen
RHP Alex White

==================== IN GAME SHOTS FROM EdTheUmp =======================



EdTheUmp with RWO faithful DrRox enjoying the game!

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9 years ago

You guys are living the DREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!

9 years ago

You guys are the reason I don’t mind taking money out of my check for retirement!

9 years ago

I’m envious of the RWO posters that are down in Phoenix. However, the fact that it will be in the 70’s here in Denver for most of this week eases the pain a bit. It would suck if I was shoveling snow while getting the updates/pics.

Keep the info coming!

9 years ago

Warming up down here(finally) AuroraSteve!.. A few observations from my first game.. 1).Hernandez has a cannon for an arm..thru out 2 runners easliy. 2) Blake is going to have to step up both defensively and offensively… 3) Moyer just may hang around…keeps hitters guessing and has a scorching 80+ heater ; ) 4) EdtheUmp has some REALLY incredible seats Would be a great pipe dream to get lots of us together whether it is ST or in Denver. Some good… Read more »

Mike Raysfan
Mike Raysfan
9 years ago

Dr Rox retired? hahaha He just has a pretty darn good job.

9 years ago

Jaredean, I like the merged pre-game and post-game threads. I agree with whoever it was the other day who pointed out how the ITR line-up thread and post-game wrap left you a little uncertain where to post your comments after the game, since IMO the best comments were in the pre-game thread.

Ed and DrRox, thanks for the great pics! I wish I was there living the dream.

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