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Anyone going to Houston for the season opener?  i am going there  Anyone else?  Lucky me that I have a friend that lives in Houston area.

Then I’m back in Denver for the home opener.  I suggest we meet at Jackson’s since it will be close to where EdTheUmp parks his trailer.

My offer still stands for any RWO friend to take the Ubaldo no hitter tee off my hands.  Free.

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8 years ago

Good call, RMH…I will be arriving earlier than normal, approx. 1 1/2 hrs before first pitch. Why not come down to the party bus? I will provide libations and there is plenty of room on board as the paying customers will have departed for another party. For those of you who will be going to the home opener, my 15-passenger “party bus” is white and will probably be the only one in the lot…I park it virtually beside the “arch… Read more »

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