First off, I’ll have to give Woody Paige credit for creating some nicknames and it got me thinking to add a few.  The field is located in LoDo so that’s a start.  I’m naming the team the CoDo (Co-lora-do).  The well known names are Tulo & CarGo.  How about NoDo (No-lan Arena-do), DrewPo (Pomeranz), WilRo (Rosario), Nico (short for Nicasio), and Rowo (yours truly)??  I’m sure there are other names that have “o”s in them and we create more  nicknames.  CoRo (Mar-co Scuta-ro)?  DexFo?  TyWoo (Tyler Chatwood)?

Off topics just to get thoughts on paper.  I’ve read reports that CarGo was overweight last year and had too much “paparazzi” after the big signing.  This year he’s come in bulked up and his first balls in BP were moonshots.  Reports also add that Tulo has really matured and took over the leadership of the club, taking the baton from Todd Helton.  Even went so far as to sending text messages back n forth with Trevor Story and Story reports that he’s so motivated because of Tulo’s leadership and taking as many prospect under his wings.  Christian Friedrich is not going away totally reversing his fortunes after working out with Cliff Lee during the off-season (they share the same agent).

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