No Offense Dooms Rockies

The Rockies did not hit even .150 on the entire road trip and most of their runs scored were via home runs.  Nazty had a solo homer for the second straight game to provide Colorado’s only run in a 6-1 loss.  The Rockies returns home to face the streaking San Francisco Giants starting tomorrow.

Today’s game put a stamp on this fact:  Colorado simply does not know how to hit on the road.  Radical changes need to be made on how to prepare for road trips.  Teaching the hitters how to take pitches is the first step.  It has been observed on this road trip that the hitters have helped out the pitchers tremendously by swinging at pitches that were not even close to the K-zone.  That leads to a 1-2 count instead of a  2-1 count.  The Rockies should know by now that every opponent has the book on the Rockies’ hitters that makes it very easy for them to have a Cy Young performance:  just throw balls out of the zone and let them swing themselves into outs.

That’s the 2014 Rockies in a nutshell if you watched the game today.

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7 years ago

I am chuckling here cause the post game is out before the end of the game…..good call!!

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