One and Done for Bichette

Dante Bichette has decided he will call it quits after Sunday’s final Rockies game of the season. Citing the grind of the season, as well as family spread out across the US, Bichette stated it was just too much for him to stay 100% focused on the team while trying to keep his family going. He said his wife had, “paid for 251 hotel rooms this year” in an effort to follow his son’s Dante Jr. (New York’s Class A affiliate in Charleston, S.C), Bo (a top high school prospect playing across the country) as well as his games throughout the season.

Bichette’s effectiveness as a hitting coach is up for debate (see comments on last night’s game here: Dante Comments), but nobody will question that at the beginning of the season it was exciting to get him in there to see what he could do.

Some stats curtesy of RWO’s own Agbayani:

Rockies hitting rank, park adjusted, NL, counting back from this year:

2013: 11
2012: 13
2011: 14
2010: 13
2009: 7
2008: 12
2007: 6

One of the measures of success that Bichette placed on his one season with the team was his work with Wilin ‘Baby Bull’ Rosario. He also pointed out, during the announcement, that he loved talking hitting with Cuddyer and witnessing Arenado become a true big leager.

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