Outdueling Dickey to Take the Win

While it would be easy to point to the bases loaded play at first in the eighth inning as the key moment in an expertly pitched game against the Mets, to say it was the turning point would do a disservice to a bullpen that has been nothing short of stellar.  Not to mention a second deck shot from one Mr. Tyler Colvin in the fifth off of none other than Knuckle-Dickey.

The final score on the Met’s side of the aisle is a bit misleading, one run on six hits, and would lead one to believe that Alex White dominated the Met’s as much as Dickie dominated the Rockies.  After all, the Rox also had only six hits all night as well.

But the devil is in the details, with no better example than the bottom of the second.  Alex White disposed of each batter in order, striking out both Torres and Thole and getting Dickey to fly out.  Three up and three down, no biggie.

Except it took 24 pitches to execute, 10 of them to Dickey alone.

That is the whole reason White only lasted four innings.  He gave up one run on three hits, walking two and striking out four.  He needed 83 pitches to do it.

Not terrible, but when you are facing one of the games best in RA Dickey, who is 15-4, you better follow up a pretty good four with an even better five.

Which is exactly what the Rockies did.

The bullpen once again came in and kept things very close, with almost no drama.  Between Moscoso, Brothers, Belisle and Betancourt there were only three hits yielding no runs.

Our job is to keep the team in it and hand it off to the guy behind us…But our bullpen is really good, and we’re doing our jobs right now and its helping us win…It’s great, that’s what we’re supposed to do. The Mets are a good team, but me and [Moscoso] were pretty good keeping them down tonight.


The minor drama with the bullpen, as well as the play that was hotly contested by the Mets, came in the bottom of the eighth.  Johnny “Sparkplug” Herrera put the Rockies up 2-1 in the top of the eighth with a well placed bunt, excellent baserunning and a free ticket to homeplate on a passed ball.  The Mets tried their hardest to answer in the bottom of the inning by loading up the bases on a Baxter double off of Betancourt, two walks, one intentional, to put the ducks on the pond.

Tracy went to the pen to bring in Matt Belisle to get the last out, and Belisle he did just that, but not in a typical way.  Jordany Valdespin hit a stinger down the first base line and Tyler Colvin made an incredible stop to keep the Mets from scoring at least two.  When Colvin got back up to toss it to first, a late Matt Belisle took the throw and barely stepped on the bag before a sliding Valdespin touched it.

Valdespin unleashed all of his dirty jersey fury at being called out, and surprisingly lived to scowl about it from left field in the ninth, thanks to not getting ejected.  Terry Collins also did his best to get tossed, going toe to toe with first base ump Adrian Johnson and letting the spittle fly, but he also returned to the dugout still enjoying the title of manager of record.  Collins was perhaps more upset at Valdespin for sliding than he was a Johnson for the call.

You don’t see track runners diving over the finish line…There’s a reason why they don’t do it.


The call stood and, although they didn’t need it, the Rockies put up an insurance run in the ninth thanks to an RBI pinch-hit single from Hernandez that scored Dexter Fowler.

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9 years ago

Nice job by Moscoso, who has taken a lot of flack (including from me).

9 years ago

For once, this 1B ump did his job professionally. He didn’t use his ego and toss the player and/or manager. Just let them speak and walk away from the heated moment. Too many of these umps have been getting into egoistic games.

9 years ago

Jarad gotta disagree with the headline. Nobody outdueled Dickey. Rockies won after Terry Collins pulled Dickey. Bad move by Collins. Collins was correct that the runner should have run through the base and he might have been safe. But Collins probably should have left the Rockie Killer Hariston bat.

9 years ago

I loved the run by Sparkplug in the 8th. Bunt single, error, sacrifice, passed ball. Classic manufactured run. Under the circumstances more satisfying than a 5 run HR.

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