Padres Silence the Rockies, 4-1

Remember this guy in the picture?  This picture spoke a thousand words when the bullcrap gives up a couple of RBIs to that Chris Nelson who has been dumped by four teams, including the Rockies.  And his two RBIs is nearly a third of his season total.  At least the bullcrap is playing below the Chris Nelson level.

A season long theme happened again – more strikeouts than the number of hits produced by the Rockies offense.  The difference in the game was that three times San Diego had runner on third with less than two outs and all three times they manufactured a run.  The Rockies was on the other end going oh-for in RISP situations and less than two outs.  Once again the Rockies scored all or most of their runs via the long ball.  Corey Dickerson hit a solo homer in a meaningless situation for Colorado’s only score in the game.

Yohan Flande once again did his work according to starter #5 job description.  He went six innings giving up only two runs, both on sacrifices.  Flande had no support and had to be removed for a pinch hitter despite throwing less than 80 pitches through six innings.

Bill Geivett and Dan O’Dowd went the opposite way to Tulsa to evaluate the pitchers this week.  They are going to look at Tyler Anderson, Eddie Butler, and Jonathon Gray.

Oh, by the way my high school classmate happened to be at Petco Park tonight and he tweeted that there are a bunch of “urinals” from the vagrants in the streets around Petco Park.  He figured that was the reason that San Diego typically have low attendance figures for the home games.  And likewise the Rockies could not concentrate  on the game tonight due to the stench wafting through the marine air.

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7 years ago

San Diego can at least play smallball consistently. There isn’t any of that on the Rockies side, just big swing after big swing. If there’s a hitting coach, he’s getting paid way too much money…

Colorado Thistle
Colorado Thistle
7 years ago

I think the stench, RMH, was emanating from the Worst Team in Baseball. Amazing how the Best GM in Baseball has constructed a team that makes the Astros look like they are on the right track. Oh well, I suppose some team has to be the worst, I just wish I didn’t have games I already paid for still to go watch.

I’m surprised at how much quit this team has in it.

7 years ago

Believe it or not but the Padres are somewhat in the Wild Card race and the Rockies are the worst team in baseball and keep getting beaten. Last night we saw why the two teams are going in the direction they are going. In the top of the 3rd (I think it was the 3rd) Dickerson runs the Rockies out of a 1st and 3rd one out situation by day dreaming or something. He’s had more than a few brain… Read more »

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