Padres Sink ManShip, Rox

Jeff Manship started for his first time as a Rockie at Coors.  He proceeded to throw hitting practice pitches to the Padres after the Rockies gave him a three run cushion, finally leaving the game after five with a line of: 8 H, 6 R, 2 BB and 2 HR’s.  He also took the loss and is 0-2 for Colorado.

It wasn’t just Manship’s pitching that hurt the team, it was also his unfortunate at bat with the bases loaded and one out in the bottom of the third that really did it.

Bottom of the third? Really, you are reaching that early in the game as a turning point?

Why yes I am.  Need I remind you of the Score Early and Not Often Rockies Offense?  The four runs in the first and, other than a run in the fifth, signaled the only digits in Rox run column of the box score.

You can’t really blame Manship for hitting into a momentum killing double play.  The blame lies squarely on the shoulders of Walt Weiss.  Putting Manship in to hit after he had already given up six runs is a borderline call that could go either way on the blame scale.  But, couple that with actually letting the kid swing the bat and you have yourself a classic case of two wrongs adding up to one bad night.

LeMahieu, Arenado and Culberson all had two hits while the rest of the starters put up at least one.  Tulo even got a hit after going 0 for a billion.  He looked pissed at the plate all night, and not in a good way.

Other than a run given up by Ottavino the pen kept it tight to give the boys a chance to come back.  They almost did several times besides the aforementioned loaded bases in the third.  Dickerson tripled with two outs in the eighth but Street shut Fowler down for his first of four outs to record the save.

Cuddyer even left his sickbed in the fifth when Blackmon singled with two outs and it was Manship’s turn at bat.  He hit a weak grounder to Stauffer to end the inning before reaching for his NyQuil and a pillow.

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8 years ago

What’s up with Tulo? Or should that be, what’s down? It seems like he’s taking his offensive funk onto the field. I can’t remember so many balls getting through the left side of the infield and not catching the throw from Rosario for the sure caught stealing was candy-ass. He’s a head case, but why? Maybe a new poll, Jared: 1) He’s afraid he might hurt himself again. 2) He’s still hurting. 3) Why bother, this team will find a… Read more »

8 years ago

Yeh, Tulo’s funk is horrible. He argues an excellently placed third strike call with Weiss finally getting out of the dugout to defend his player. He doesn’t give me the impression that he’s enjoying anything about being a major league ballplayer. You see it in Arenado and Dickerson. But, when your making a gazillion per year what is their to be happy about?

8 years ago

Wasn’t this why Mr. Dan O’Prudent signed Jeff Francis and Chris Volstad as 5th starter “insurance?” Jeff and Chris are making 1.5 million each. Because if you trust your own judgment that’s who you’d have pitched last night. And if you don’t think Francis and Volstad are any better than a guy you can pick off from some other crappy team’s scrap heap (read: Collin McHugh, Jeff Manship), then why on earth are you paying them 4 times the minimum… Read more »

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