Padres Sweep Rox; Tulo & CarGo Done

Colorado Rockies put the final nails in their own coffins late last night.  They had a double whammy of being swept by the San Diego Padres and seeing Tulo & CarGo swept away for 2014 season. Tyler Matzek had a rough first inning but escaped with minimal damage giving up one run.  He ended up giving up five runs over six innings.  One run scored on a 150-foot sac fly and the other runs on home runs by Rymer Liriano and Abraham Almonte.  It was Liriano’s first career HR and just the fourth HR in Almonte’s career.

The Rockies proved why they are playing Little League quality baseball.  They had more strikeouts than the number of hits. Most of the strikeouts seem to occur with runner on third base and less than two outs as was the case of Stubbs.  On the other side, the Padres lofted a lazy bloop 150 feet sac fly to score one of their runs.  The ongoing theme is that the bad guys are playing as a team to manufacture runs while the Rockies are taking individual selfish ABs to pad their strikeout totals. Just as we thought we have seen all possible season lowlights, Corey Dickerson got doubled off first base on a routine sac fly to center field when he simply threw the brakes on three steps from the bag.  He was well ahead of the throw when the brain lock occurred.

The Rockies have announced that Tulo has a torn labrum and is out for the season.  CarGo’s tendinitis is much more severe than previously thought and he likely will be done for the season as well.  The last three years of basement quality ball conclusively proved to everyone but the Montfort inner circle one thing:  Every year the Rockies say they are a good team when CarGo and Tulo are on the field together.  This fact by itself is true, but it doesn’t work if one or both are constantly in and out of the lineup.  It will be best to move on and start fresh without being so locked into the Tulo and Cargo combo which has become basically non-existent.

The lineup of Arenado, Rutledge, DJ LeMahieu (or Adames/Story), Morneau, new catcher, Dickerson, Blackmon, and Stubbs (or new everyday OF) is still potent enough to score enough runs to back up a rotation of five #4 starting pitchers.  Don’t forget that the Rockies have David Dahl and Raimel Tapia moving through the pipeline for the outfield jobs.  Ben Paulsen and Kyle Parker are probably enough talent to replace Morneau beyond 2015.

Start with a brand new bullpen as well.  Yohan Flande and Juan Nicasio have provided glimpses that they are capable of being piggyback relievers for starters that can’t last more than five innings.

Bury the 2012, 2013, 2014 Rockies.  Start fresh without injury question marks for 2015 and beyond.  Hello? Can you hear us Montfort, Geivett, and O’Dowd?  I will be glad to provide you with hearing aids free of charge and I will be glad to massage your thick skulls with coarse sandpaper.

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7 years ago

Ha! “I will be glad to provide you with hearing aids free of charge and I will be glad to massage your thick skulls with coarse sandpaper.” What I wouldn’t give to hear Monfort reply to that in one of his late-night drunk emails 🙂

7 years ago

Nicely done, rmh.

Do you recall a certain prediction by the old guy last Saturday regarding Tulo?

He’ll be “moving on up, to the eastside” during the offseason.

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