Pardon The Dust…Updates Coming Soon

Hey all, just a quick note about some updates i’m working on this weekend.  I’m sure you’ve noticed the site is looking a bit strange at times when you’ve come to view it.  That is because I’ve been working on adding a ratings system, calendar and some other stuff…

I hope to have it all clean by the time the season starts and then i’ll let you know of the new features i’ve added…

Until then, ignore the glitches as they are not planned, but necessary for now!

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8 years ago

Jardeen you always ROCK when it comes to the technical aspects of the RWO site – now your irrational love for Scrappy Herrera that is another baseball topic altogether. Anyway I find it interesting that former Rockies Hammel, Grilli and E Cabrera/Barmes are #1 starting pitcher, closer and starting shortstops (all in the MLB), respectively. Always I often thought that Everith Cabreara could have been the Rockies answer at second base, even while Clint Barmes was chasing that down and… Read more »

8 years ago
Reply to  jaredean

Jared let me know when you plan on going to some Sky Sox games! I live in the Springs!

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