Is there a better time of year than Opening Day?  While many look at New Years Day as a shedding of your old habits, and building anew in an effort to make yourself a better person, Opening Day gives baseball fans a way of forgetting their old disappointments and hoping that their beloved team will “get it right” this time.

While it only takes a few weeks worth of games to see what your team is really made of, Opening Day you can at least take solace in the fact that you are zero games behind and the world is your oyster.

Today the Rockies are in Milwaukee for Opening Day.  Chacin is on the mound and the lineup is full of hopeful sluggers. When the clock strikes 12:10, and the familiar sound of “PLAY BALL” is heard in the air, we can only hope we are on the road back to respectability.

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7 years ago

My productivity will not be 100% today starting at 11am (Arizona time). GO ROCKIES!

JD-site looks good, thanks for all your work.

Mike Raysfan
Mike Raysfan
7 years ago

I can’t see the game. Is the stadium as empty as being alleged?

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