I see where Cook just signed a minor-league contract with the Rox. Says he’s had a positive spring training, feels great and now has three good pitches rather than just the sinker. So good he’s a free agent?

I have to admit, I was glad to see him go when the Rox first released him—thought he had developed an “it’s only a game” mentality. Who knows, maybe we’ll luck out and catch the “old man” in a more focused attitude this time around, and he’ll win 15 and pitch 180 innings.

Up until now I’ve felt betrayed by management and haven’t watched or listened to a game since spring training began. Sure I followed the scores and checked into RWO each day, but that was out of curiosity and a slim hope that the smartest man in baseball had actually done something intelligent. Reacquiring a castoff hardly qualifies as gutsy much less brilliant, but it does show the man still believes in miracles. And, somehow, that appeals to me.

Chances are Cookie won’t come close to those numbers I talked about, but so what? He’s right, baseball is only a game, but maybe now he’s been humbled to the point that he understands the difference between being a player and everyone else. When you’re a player, that “game” is all there is. Or at least IMHO, it should be.

Maybe I’ve just been looking for an excuse to put my purple glasses back on, but the idea of a miracle on Blake Street makes me smile. So I’m going to climb aboard the underdog express. No expectations this time around, but I can’t help but think WW has a crew of players with chips on their shoulders, and I think attitude goes a long way.

Let’s play ball. Go Rockies.

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