Real Stinker – Fish 6 Rox 2

Sorry for the late post on last night’s game. And to think I had a 7 hour head start here in sunny Manchester, UK. Oh and the weather here is nice and sunny….not a hint of rain. In semi-arid Colorado??? Another rain delay. Did the earth’s axis flip? I really do wonder how much the Rox home issues so far this year are related to Coors suddenly being moved to a rain forest than anything else.


And last night was a classic example of when this team loses.


Starter okay effective til 6th and then falls apart.


Hits a plenty but no stringing of them together.


Badly timed strikeouts.


When the Rox get 12 hits at Coors they need to score at least 5 runs, probably 6 or 7. But facing the Fish’s Koehler, who for some reason manages games like this against the Rox everytime, they just didn’t do enough.


14 base runners!

Hitting with RISP 3-9


And just 2 runs! Has this team become too dependent on the long ball? Hey, they only struck out 7 times last night. That is a plus…I guess.


As for Butler? I am still waiting for 2013 Butler to find his way to the bigs. The guy we see every 5th day can’t possibly have been a top 25 prospect in 2013 and 2014. 3Ks? 2BB? Now he is the groundball king – 10 of 11 outs not Ks came on the ground. That is good, especially with the defense this team has.


The two runs in the second were on balls that were hit where they ain’t as the old saying goes. A one-out infield single hit to DJ. Another single through the right side of the infield, then a line-drive to right to score one (getting a theme here, they were taking the ball to right-field I think), a walk (by a Rox pitcher, I am shocked, but was a classic pitch-around scenario) then another run scores on a weak ground ball to Nolan – no chance for a double-play by the pitcher to spoil the plan around the walk.


The third was more fly-ballish as there was yet another homer at Coors to Mike Giancarlo Stanton. He may end up being worth all $3 billion they end up paying him. Dude is still only 25! He already has 172 homers, and that is playing in bad fields for homers. The fifth saw Butler largely dinked to death. After a sharp ground ball up the middle he gave up a very soft fly to the aforementioned Stanton to center and then a soft line drive in front of Cargo to load the bases. The run scored on a ground-out to Tulo (no double play, but with no out didn’t matter) and then they got the double-play. So, an inning without much hit hard but another run.


Clearly he was done by the 6th as he gave up a lead-off triple, then a line-drive single (two straight fly-balls – pitches were getting elevated based on vids), a sac bunt (the only out he managed in the inning) and then Dee Gordon, who kills the Rox, hit a double (on the ground past third) to score he second run. Butler done.


Now for the good news. The bullpen was lights out. Kahnle got the last two outs with a K and no walks. Bergman had a clean inning. Brooks Brown gave up one hit no damage. And Christian Friedrich found his spot last night as he had a clean inning with a K of both Prado and Stanton (both righties) and a line-drive by the lefty Bour. If they can get those four guys going that bullpen is solid even sans Zero.


On the offensive side…eh, I will skip it. But here are the good things:


Tulo 3-4

Cargo 2-4

Hunley 2-4

Barnes 2-4


Alas, the guys in front and behind them had bad nights (DJ -0-4, with walk, Charlie B 1-5, Nolan 0-3 with an RBI).


See…they should have scored more runs. Everyone but DJ and Nolan had hits. How in the name of Babe Ruth did they score just twice.


Must be the rain.





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5 years ago

Baseball is often a game of momentum. The team that scores first and have shutdown inning after scoring usually wins

5 years ago

Why didn’t the Rox show up last night? Already 9 runs in 3.2 innings off Phelps.

5 years ago

I really am beginning to think the rain, especially with rain games, really does zap the Rox. CarGo’s comments (posted earlier here) about the crowd disappearing has to have an impact. The game that the Orioles and White Sox played earlier with no crowd because of the, um, issues in Baltimore, was so weird. Several players said flat out they just couldn’t get focused or hyped. I also think this team simply is better in games with daylight (early starts)… Read more »

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