Road Woes and Bullpen Woes Continue

The bullpen is bad.

Rockies average 3.49 runs on the road, good for 28th in all of baseball.

Rockies’ pitching staff gives up the most runs with two outs in all of baseball.

Rockies continue swinging at balls out of the zone; in Arenado’s second AB he struck out on five pitches, none of them inside the zone.

Colorado recalls Drew Stubbs, but do not start him; if not starting then don’t call him up unless you start in the first game to keep his timing in place.  Terrible managing by WW.

Nothing more needs to be said except that with two healthy superstars, they are no better than last year.  sdcarp has been beating the blow up the team drums as loud as the NFL’s Seahawks stadium.  It’s still falling on deaf ears in the management offices.

Final score: 7-1 Arizona over Colorado.

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6 years ago

Another episode of the Rockies Horror Pitcher Show, Bullpen Edition. The tune-out is now happening on the field, not just in TV rooms across the Denver Metro area.

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