Rox Beat Up on Gnats, Lose DLR and Tulo

When is a win not really a win?  When you lose two players before the final out, that’s when.

But it was the Giants, so we’ll take it.

Both Jorge De La Rosa and Troy Tulowitzki left the game prematurely tonight, one with a bad back and the other with a bum toe. While the DeaLeR’s back is the bigger of the issues, Tulo’s toe did seem to look pretty painful by the way he hopped around after hitting the single that sparked a five-run ninth.

Thankfully x-rays were negative…on the toe that is.  Jorge’s back is day-to-day.

De La Rosa started off pretty good, getting through a couple of innings with some traffic, but pitching his way out of it.  Then in the third inning he looked like he was in pain, prompting Rosario to rush out to the mound after a particularly cringe-worthy look crossed his face, and call for the trainer.

Jorge would stay in the game, but only until the end of the third when Tommy Kahnle came in to work his magic.

Kahnle and Martin both gave up a run to go with De La Rosa’s two runs, but the Rockies kept it close enough that you would think they had a chance.

That is until they started sucking bad.  Swinging at everything but the ball and getting shown the backside by the crybaby and his buddies all night long.

Until the ninth that is.

Ninth inning highlights:

  • Rox down 4-2, but there’s hope as Romo, AKA Colorado’s 10th man, takes the mound.
  • Tulo singles (hurts toe)
  • Morneau singles (doesn’t hurt toe)
  • Rosario flies out, runners move up to 2nd and 3rd (1 out)
  • Dickerson intentional walk
  • Wheeler pinch hits for Rutledge (?) and hits a two-run single
  • Wild pitch, both runners move up
  • DJ Singles, Dickerson scores, Wheeler to third and DJ to second on the throw (Wheeler should have scored)
  • McKenry singles, Wheeler scores and DJ to third
  • McKenry gets “picked off”, but DJ scores during the hotbox
  • Blackmon walks
  • Blackmon caught stealing

The Hawk came in and after a three up, three down inning it was tacos all around.

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7 years ago
Reply to  jaredean

Being a Rockies fan,and therefore a masochist, I tuned back in for the ninth and agree one of my favorite innings ever at the house of horrors by the bay!

7 years ago
Reply to  Gary

Gary, today is the second best 9th inning this season!!!

7 years ago

Team is showing some heart. Hate to see JDLR get hurt, but it could be a chance for Gray.

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