Rockies Roster – January 1 – Where are we so far?

We are still 6 weeks from pitcher and catchers and we know the Rox are hoping to trade Wilin Rosario and possibly one of their outfielders and maybe part of their bullpen. But here is how I think the Rox are looking to approach their season, at least as of now. If the price they have aren’t met on those players, they will happily go to Spring Training with something close to this depth chart. They would prefer to have a 5th outfielder who could play both corner infield spots (or more), but the signing of Daniel Descalso has been a big one to free up concern about off-days for any of the key 3 infielders.


The bullpen? I think the team is hoping for health and a bounce back for both Brothers and Logan and hopes that in his 2nd major league season Tommy Kahnle can make a big jump. The acquisition of Diaz, who many think will start in AAA is a big one, taking over the 6th inning role, alongside a pitcher like Kahnle or Logan. They are looking to trade at least one lefty arm out of the pen, with having Friedrich and Flande who, poor starters they may be, are able to get men out in short-stints, especially lefties.


This is the starting rotation as of Opening Day. I have doubts of Chacin’s ability to go a full year, and the team is hoping that Grey and Butler are ready by mid-May or June 1, and can give the team 20 good starts this year each.


Watch for Freeland to have a Francis-like rise this year and helping out by September.


As I said last year, this team can hit and play defense. The rotation is filled with former #1 picks, top prospects, and pitcher who have won double-digit wins at the big league level (DLR and Chacin). It could well be a decent rotation, and with the offense, it doesn’t have to be the 65 Dodgers.


The bullpen is a complete mystery to me. Last year’s pen should have been excellent. But Brothers had a lost season, Logan was rarely healthy, Ottovino and Kahnle were good but their bad stretches killed the team, and too many poor outings. Maybe, maybe the pen is as good as it should be this year. It will be essential for this team to have any chance at getting close to the wild card.


Question Marks as of Jan 1

  • Can Hundley’s game calling/framing/defense create an atmosphere of success for Rockies young pitchers. If so, how many make a jump to at least league average success?
  • Can this team hit any better on the road than last year’s team? That is a complete question mark and we wont know until mid-June, as last year’s team was decent through mid-May in 2014.
  • How goes the bullpen?
  • How goes the health issues? If Tulo and CarGo play 140, this team might win 84 games, if either is hurt significant time this year, another low 70s is probably the best they can hope for even now.




Nick Hundley

Wilin Rosario


Mike McKenry (AAA)



Justin Morneau

Wilin Rosario (for lefty pitching)

Kyle Parker

Ben Paulsen



DJ LeMahieu

Daniel Descalso

Charlie Culberson (AA)



Troy Tulowitzki

Daniel Descalso

Rafeal Ynoa (AAA)

Christhian Adames (AAA)



Nolan Arenado

Pray for no injuries

Daniel Descalso



Carlos Gonzalez (RF)

Charlie Blackmon (LF/CF)

Corey Dickerson (LR)

Drew Stubbs (CF/RF/LF)

Kyle Parker (RF/LF)

Brandon Barnes (AAA)


Starting Rotation

Jorge De La Rosa (L)

Jhoulys Chacin

Tyler Matzek (L)

Jordan Lyles

Tyler Anderson (L)


Christian Bergman (AAA)

Jon Grey (AAA/AA)

Eddie Butler (AAA/AA0

Chad Bettis (AAA)

Chris Russin (AAA)

Kyle Freeland (High A/AA)


Letroy Hawkins (Closer)

Rex Brothers (L)

Adam Ottovino

Boone Logan (L)

Tommy Kahnle

Brooks Brown

Jairo Diaz

Christian Friedrich (L)


Yohan Flande (L) (AAA)

Chris Martin (AAA)

Jorge Rondon (AAA)

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Bob in Indy
Bob in Indy
6 years ago

Doc, I always enjoy your good writing. You stated “As I said last year, this team can hit and play defense.” Almost everyone feels that way, and I certainly agree with the defense. My concern is with the hitting. While the Rox traditionally are near the top of the league in batting average and run production, the problem has been the inability to get enough clutch hits to win enough games. The stats seem to be padded with huge run… Read more »

6 years ago

This is NOT a good offensive team.

You know who ranked 30th in runs scored in road games in 2014?
You know who ranked 15th in HRs in 2014 road games?
You know who ranked 29th in BA in 2014 road games?
You know who ranked 30th in the critically important OBP in 2014?

The Rockies!

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