Rockies Splits Updates May 20 – Hitting and Pitchers

Hitting Home and Away Splits May 20 Hitting Home and Away Splits May 20





SPitching Splits May 20 Rockies Splits on May 20

Sorry these were not posted before the start of the game but today was a field trip for youngest daughter to Butterfly Pavilion. So…a little late.

1) I have added to the pitchers appearances – starts  – innings for both home and road.

2) Chris Martin who was sent down before tonights game – if you look at his home stats you understand why he was sent down. A lot of promise there – and a perfect set of work on the road. Sure we will see him again.

3) Jordan Lyles saw his home ERA almost double after last Saturday. Wow…bad outings can really change stats which is why stats are overrated sometimes.

4) Look at the pen stats – how we are 1-7 in bullpen games is a complete mystery. At home we have 4 guys 2.oo ERA or less (TK, Zero, Nick Masset, and …Rex).  And Matty B is at 2.00 for the past 2 weeks. At home Boone and Hawk have the bad ERAs.

5) 3 of our starters are under 4.00 at home – DLR, Lyles and Nicasio. This team simply pitches pretty darn good at home!

6) Nolan Arenado might need a day off. At home a .247 with a .205 avg since the end of his streak doesn’t make sense.

7) Morneau has been incredibly stable both home and road and left and right. You don’t want him against tough lefties, but not a bad job so far. Glad to have Cuddy back.

8) As we prepare for the road trip after this series, things to worry about: BA on the road – Stubbs, .171, Barnes, .239, Pacheco, .200, Blackmon, .265, CarGo, .202. Nolan is hitting better on the road – .333, Tulo’s .247 is due to bad luck on BABIP, and Dickerson is a .316 hitter on the road (I believe against righties he will hit anywhere).

9) We have been incredibly hot against lefties in terms of average but not wins. CB, CarGo, and Morneau all are over .300 against lefties. And Stubbs and Tulo are over .400 against lefties.  They are hitting .312 against lefties overall.  And yet they are just 7-8 (started 0-4 against Miley, Quintana, Baumagardner, and Stults before beating Erlin to change their luck (the kid they lost to on Saturday night).

10) Even after the last dreadful road trip, they still have the 12th most runs and OPS on the road in baseball and the 14th highest average – and that is both NL and AL (so DH in the AL and teams getting to have road games at Coors to add to totals).But after the last trip they are now 12th most in Ks (they were much lower…can’t remember where though). The biggest issue – 22nd in walks on the road. That is where they need to work on this 9 games in 10 days trip.

11) At home they lead most everything but walks at home….27th!  Their average though is .58 higher at home…so maybe that is why they don’t walk more at home.  But what is weird, our run differential over Miami at #2 (in a pitcher’s park) is only 29! That is the whole, based on stats this team should be several wins higher. Oh well, lets sweep the Giants and take the bats on the road.

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7 years ago

Good stuff.

I think it’s important to remember that offensively, we’ll always have better home stats (moreso than other teams). So even if we perform solidly on the road – our splits will be bigger than most. We’re really a special case and need to be measured against past Rockies teams more than current MLB teams.

7 years ago

SDCarp – agree! What I think is so amazing is I am used to seeing their road performance being down in the mid20s – Coors gets in their heads, can’t hit curves/sliders on the road, and playing people who are not really that good but can hit at Coors because everyone can (not true). This team is a good hitting team overall and I think they might be higher on the road levels without the impact of the Coors impact… Read more »

7 years ago

Glad they didn’t given Arenado a night off last night!

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