Rockies 6 v Giants 8 (Wrap)

Our first look at Jamie Moyer was a nice one, as he came out and pitched his game.  The first three batters he faced in the 3rd (Huff, Belt and Theriot) all hit grounders to Scutaro for an out.  He did give up a lead off single to Shierholtz in the 5th, but followed that up with getting Crawford to ground out, stuck Stewart out and then another ground out by Pagan.  Very successful, considering pretty much everything off the bat was hit on the ground, a must if he is to pitch at Coors.

Guthrie was not quite so successful, giving up two runs on five hit in three innings.  Esmil Rogers had an even worse outing.  He gave up three runs on three hits and when he wasn’t leaving the ball up in the zone he was missing completely, issuing FOUR walks.  All of that in one inning.  Thank goodness it is still spring!

We did have some excellent hitting from our core guys.  Blackmon (2 for 3, 2 Runs, RBI), CarGo (2 for 3, 1 Run, 2 RBI’s), Tulo (2 for 3, 1 Run), Cuddyer (2 for 3, 3 RBI’s) and Helton (1 for 3, 1 Run).  It was nice of Charlie to welcome Lincecum to the game with a lead off solo shot in the first.   Also nice seeing Todd hit in his first Spring Training game, but do you expect anything less from the ToddFather, I mean it was Timmy on the mound after all.


CarGo v The Freak
CarGo v The Freak

Todd's First At-Bat of ST
Todd's First At-Bat of ST

Tulo Toweling Off
Tulo Toweling Off


Here is the starting lineup:

Blackmon (CF)

Scutaro (2B)

Gonzalez (LF)

Tulowitzki (SS)

Helton (1B)

Cuddyer (RF)

Rosario (DH)

Arenado (3B)

Nieves (C)

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9 years ago

“It was nice of Charlie to welcome Lincecum to the game with a lead off solo shot in the first.”

I love it!!!

9 years ago

It looks like Tulo has a pretty close cropped haircut. I wonder if he will be growing the mullet this year.

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