Pomeranz Excellent, Colvin Hot as Rox Win

It was nice to see the team play on TV after the bulk of Spring Training being spent listening to the games. It was also great chatting with fellow RWOers during (read transcript below) as Pomeranz FINALLY 🙂 gave up an earned run bringing his ERA to .82 during Spring Training. He wasn’t happy that it took him 85 pitches to get through four innings.

Pacheco had a tough day, not at the plate where he went 2 for 4, but at the third base bag where he gave up back-to-back two-base errors.

Tyler Colvin is staying hot after two hits and a stolen bag/run in the sixth. He is batting .400 and making his case to be the 4th outfielder as Blackmon is forced to watch from the sidelines with an injured toe.

CarGo also had a couple of hits and a couple RBI’s off a shot to center, his stroke looked very nice today.

=============== PRE-GAME =====================
Today’s game is on the MLB Network and I’ve also added a chat below if you are watching and want to talk about the game (or if you can’t watch and want to know what is going on!) I’m sure there will be a lot to discuss – for example, how will Cuddy look at 1st after Todd schooled the whole league yesterday with his bat and glove. Also, will the Fowler/Scutaro swap stick this time?

Here is the line-up:

Scutaro, SS
Fowler, CF
CarGo, LF
Giambi, DH
Cuddyer, 1B
Pacheco, 3B
Rosario, C
Colvin, RF
Wood, 2B

============ CHAT HISTORY ====================


[snaplet id=”3475″ width=”660″ height=”900″]

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9 years ago

from just observations over the last 2 weeks, do I see Pomeranz moving up to the #2 spot right behind Guthrie? Just overall consistent performance it sure looks like:

2 Pomeranz
3 Nacasio
4 Chacin
5 Moyer (my god how my opinion has changed lately)

lots of hard hit balls last week which is a good sign


9 years ago

For what its worth this gsnap one worked pretty well with my ipod touch. Which ever version you choose hopefully it has that capability.

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