Rox 2 As 1 – Rox win one without scoring a ton of runs. Who knew?

Sorry for the late posting of game results. Been a crazy few days as at the last moment I had to scratch a trip and then forgot to watch the game last night. Anyways, to the game.


Three little words – Jorge De La Rosa. Wait, that’s 4. Tell’s a lot about the Rockies season I guess…I have forgotten how to count.


There was a brief time earlier this year when the offense essentially dried up and whithered away that it didn’t matter if the team got good pitching or not. It didn’t hit and was doomed. Period A particularly long double-digit losing streak comes to mind. That and turning Josh Collmenter into Nolan Ryan.


But as a general rule if the Rox can get more than 6 innings with less than 3 runs from a starter, they win. Last night was exactly that.


De La Rosa, he over the iffy groin and nasty finger issues, was classic DLR last night. He allowed 4 hits and 4 walks (1 IBB) and aside from the 6th inning, really seemed in total control of things. He faced no more than 4 batters in every inning but the 6th. That isn’t “no-hit” good, but its pretty darn close. In that 6th he gave up a single, a passed ball (on McKenry), a walk and SB to make it 1st and 3rd, no outs in a 1-0 game. Rally time surely the As thought. But DLR got Zobrist (one of my favorite players in baseball – plays everywhere, plays great, great team guy) to bounce in an Arenado to home run down. That left men and 3rd and 2nd after the runners advanced. He then IBB Butler. Then he took the game into his own hand, striking out Phegley for one of his 4 Ks on the day, and finally got Brett Lawrie to bounce out Nolan to DJ.


That was the sum total of DLR’s woes.


Tommy Kahnle allowed 2 hits and a run in the 8th, but a better set-up by McKenry and they probably get Zobrist at home on a nice throw by CarGo. Better outing than the box score shows for TK and far better than last Friday.


Then Hawkins had a nice and quiet 1-2-3 for the save. Rox win 2-1.


The offense was…eh. They outhit the As 7-6 but no one had more than 1 hit. Tulo and Nolan both got hits to move their hitting streaks to 14 and 17. Blackmon drove home a run with 2 outs in the 5th and then on nice baserunning Bull went from 1st to 3rd on a weak single and then scored on a wild pitch, where DJ struck out later in the AB. So not great offense, but timely.


And a classic Jorge De La Rosa outing.


Over at Purple Row they are asking if the Rox should trade DLR, at age 34, with one more year on his current $12.5 million dollar deal. The argument being that since the team isnt going anywhere the team gets no value for their money. But as we saw in 2012, if you are running out a lot of bad pitchers who go max 5 innings and you chew through a bullpen, it can create lasting damage to your pitching program. Games like last night show that since Jorge is on the FA market (for the Rox) irreplaceable in terms of production and price, trading him for anything less than a top 10-20 prospect would be insane.


Besides…who knows what 2016 will look like!

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