Rox 4 Cards 3 – The Long Wait is Over

Rox finally win a series….at home…thanks to their suddenly great…pitching?


I remember when I was a kid I loved the SuperFriends show, where the animated version of every major super hero (and those strange brother and sister who could do the water/creature thing) fought each week against the Legion of Doom. Now I didn’t read comic books as a kid (or ever) instead immersing myself in political history (wasn’t I a fun 9 year-old) and baseball cards and so I had no idea where Bizzaro Man came from, just that he was exactly like Superman, except opposite (sort of). Where he came from and how there was in the universe two plants exactly alike, just not, I never understood.


The reason, obviously, I am telling you about my misspent youth is that this season has been Bizarro Rockies. At home, suddenly so offensively impotent at Coors they have sent their Louisville Sluggers off to call about those little blue pills, while actually scoring pretty decently on the road. And of course there is the whole, “The Rockies Pitching is Awful” meme that is suddenly looking about as smart as all those Y2K Bug Will Destroy Society books you find in used bookstores still. The Rockies head out after today to Miami a winning team at home, but came into Tuesday night with!2out a series win at home. I mean, they swept a series on the road (yes, I know, it’s the Phillies and early season Giants, but it still counts) twice!


But Tuesday night it was a return to normality all over Coors Field:


  1. Jorge De La Rosa, the Dark Night of Coors, threw a masterpiece over 7 innings, allowing just 3 hits (another homer if you feel a need to focus on the negative, which is three straight games), 2 walks and two runs, all while striking out 8 and being just plain awesome. He threw 101 pitches, but finished with a flourish striking out the side in the top of the 7th on just 14 pitches. Jorge was simply fantastic, as have been so many Rox starters lately.
  2. The Rox were held down offensively, but now out, as they finally broke through against Michael Wacha (who is, it appears, as good as advertised, at least through 6 innings. The game winning rally began with a 1-out single by pinch hitter Wilin Rosario (see, just like old times) and after a line-out by Blackmon (sadly, just like old times), DJ doubled on a ball that split the outfield, Tulo was walked, and CarGo drove him home. The 4th run would prove to be the big one as the Cardinals got one back in 8th.
  3. Nolan Areando had yet another homerun, though having it happen at home is a little different (his home/road splits from last year to this year are Bizarro World) after a single by CarGo to tie the game.
  4. Oh, and I want to add to the seems like old times the fact that Walt Weiss threw Boone Logan, a lefty, to start the 8th against a right-handed hitter. Really? Does that strike anyone here as, well, a bad call? Like I said, seems like old times.
  5. Oh, and just because it’s the Rockies, they got another runner picked off base, this time Ben Paulsen on a back-pick by the great (or at least used to be great) Yadier Molina. Wouldn’t be a Rox game without someone forgetting how baseball is played once your on-base.
  6. And of course what Rox game would be complete without a walk in the 9th to bring up the go-ahead run. John Axford, with an 0-2 count on Bourjos (who hit his 2nd homerun of the whole season his prior AB, which tells you the chance he is going to hit another one in the same game, pretty remote), proceeded to throw 4 straight balls to him to walk the bases and then fell behind 2-0 to PH Jason Heyward, who, for reasons that I am sure someone can explain, decided to swing away…thankfully, with the ball finding its way to DJ who threw to first to end the game.


And this how folks the Rox took their first series at home…against arguably the best team in baseball.


Gotta love this game.


And so the Rox begin play today, looking for a sweep throwing their new “ace” one Chad Bettis (who if it seemed like old times would be giving up gopher balls for 3-run homers in the 11th), and are no longer in last place. At 27-30 they stand 6 back of the Dodgers and just 3.5 back in the Wild Card and are just 1.5 games behind the San Diego (can we spend anymore money and trade away any more of our prospects for a one-year run at the playoffs….whew) Padres.  Watch out for the young man playing third today. He loves to hit in the daytime. Actually, this year he loves to hit when the time has “hour” in it this season, but daytime more than anytime.


Oh, and just one more for old times, the Rox have two guys named CarGo (up to .251 and his at-bats starting to be interesting) and Tulo (suddenly hitting the ball hard again and at .311) heating up.


Come to thin of it, I was in England for the whole 2007 playoff run. Maybe I just need to stay here.




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