Rox Blasted by Crybaby Giants

Hands down the best part of the Rockies 5-1 loss to the Giants was the pre-game interview with Walt Weiss.  Pretty sad when the best time you have watching a baseball game has nothing to do with what happened on the field.

Weiss was asked before tonights game to comment on Giants SF radio personality Krukow’s whiny comments about Tulowitzki.  Before yesterday’s game Kurkow made the comment that there was no way in hell Tulo could be hitting as well as he is on his own.  He MUST be cheating by picking up the pitches someway, somehow.  Heaven forbid he’s finally healthy and showing the world he’s not only legit, but a-freakin-mazingly-legit.

Gotta be cheating…Sheesh, what a bunch of babies.

For those keeping track the Giants have complained about the Rockies over the years in various ways. The whole “juiced-ball-gate” with them complaining to mom and dad in the big offices about how the Rockies “might” be using un-humidor prepped balls during their at bats.  The biggest baby of them all, Tim Lincecum was absolutely dumfounded that the Rockies actually had a hit against him, so it must be bad balls he was throwing.

So, with the latest round of whining came some excellent responses by the team.

My response is we do it all.  We’ve got a light bulb on the scoreboard we flash. Keep an eye on Dinger; he’s involved. We switch out the balls. We’ve got the umpires in on it. I love it when other teams talk about that. I think it just feeds the beast…I love when opposing teams start making those accusations.

— WALT WEISS on how they are stealing signs

If that was the case, we’d all be hitting .579, wouldn’t we? There is no reason to get into a back-and-forth war of words, but I think it would be hard to hit .571 even in batting practice. I just think that this is what Tulo is doing right now. He’s been hot.

— Michael Cuddyer

I should be hitting .390, too,” Gonzalez said. “I’m going to talk to him. I want the same guy to tell me what pitch is coming.

— Carlos Gonzalez

I would rather not get involved in that. I don’t want to comment.

— Troy Tulowitzki

After all of that one would hope and pray the team would come out and absolutely BLAST the Giants back to San Fran.

Sadly, it was the antithesis of what was needed.

Here are the high/lowlights:

  • Chacin went 5.2 giving up three earned on four hits. Two of the four hits were home runs (Pence and Panda)
  • Belisle gave up the other HR in the game to Crawford.
  • Cain left after three with a strained calf.  He hadn’t given up a hit and Petit came in and basically picked up where Cain left off: confounding the Rockies at the plate.
  • The Rockies ended up with only five hits on the night (Blackmon, Cuddy, Rosario, DJ and Barnes all had one each).
  • The teams only run came with bases loaded and no outs in the bottom of the 8th.  Cuddy hit into a DP while DJ scored from third.  Tulo, apparently missing the signs all night, flew out to Colvin in left.
  • Worst news of the night? CarGo left the game in the 8th with finger issues again.

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7 years ago

For my own personal trust with this team I need to see us bounce back again today. I’ve seen us get bullied by the Giants before in 2010 after the humidor fate we folder like a cheap tent. Check the ROX record before humidor gate and after. Don’t let this have the same deflating effect, regardless of whether its baseless or not.

7 years ago

SD Carp made a kind of radical suggestion the other day about DLing Cargo when Cuddyer came back. Made some sense to me. Now this finger thing.

Meanwhile, how good is Tulo now that he’s feeling better? Sure, you can play hurt, but can you be your best?

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