Rox (CarGo, Arenado and DLR) 2 Giants 1

There are two times of baseball fans. Those who think a pitcher’s dual is an exciting game, filled with the importance of every pitch and the gamesmanship of the managers, catchers and pitchers working against every hitter.


Then there are those who say if I want to see 1-0, I will just watch Manchester United beat Arsenal. What we want are homers and triples and doubles that clear the bases. I want the price of my ticket / run to be really low, maybe even 1/1.


Well, last night…we got the first. And actually, we have started to see more and more of these kind of games as the temperature here in Colorado starts to moderate into the 70s and 80s and the winds relatively normal (though that homer that Nolan hit on Wednesday was a pure wind ball).


The Rox lost a doubleheader last Tuesday but gave up just 5 and 6 runs. But the three game winning streak has been:




And last night 2-1


And the truth is that last night’s game was about three Rockies and two innings. The Rox in the first inning had CarGo and NoDo go back-to-back.



Justin Morneau followed with a single. In the next 7 innings the Rox managed only 4 additional hits. Additionally they two walks, so just 6 base runners over 7 innings. Normally, especially against the Giants, the Rockies lost this game.


But the Rox had the man I think is the best pitcher in Colorado Rockies history. Jorge De La Rosa struggled his first two starts of the year. Since then, he has pretty darn good, but his numbers don’t look great. He is now 9-6 with a 4.24 ERA with a 1.37 wHIP.


But last night aside from a 6th inning that was in many ways the case of a lot of seeing eye and bloop hits, he was totally in control. Through 7 innings we gave up just 6 hits and 0 walks (yes, you read that right) along with 1 HBP while striking out 7. So for a single game score that is a WHIP of 1.00 and a K/9 rate of 9/9.


He sent them 1-2-3 in innings 1-3, gave up a single in the 4th that was


The 6th was a classic Coors Field innings. DLR gave up a bloop single to Perez, who was advanced to 2nd on a bunt by the pitcher. Angel Pagan then singled on a line drive to score Perez. Matt Duffy then singled through the right hand side. DLR then went out and struck out Brandon Belt but hit Posey. And so with the game in the balance, the score 2-1, bases loaded, he faced RHB Marlon Byrd, who has 22 homers on the season. He went 82mph splitter (his change) and then 83 mph splitter to get up 0-2. Byrd fought off another 83mph splitter but then DLR went back and grabbed a little bit more, throwing a 93 mph fastball right past Byrd swing. Rally done.


DLR went out in the 7thand promptly struck out Crawford on an 82 mph splitter before giving up a single to Tomlinson, putting the go ahead run at the plate. I expected Walt Weiss to come out and get DLR but he let him finish the inning and on a 0-1 count got Perez to ground into a nice DJ to Reyes to Morneau double-play to send Jorge to the showers with an excellent night. Had it not been for the large number of pitches that he had to throw in the 6th he had a chance to go at least 8 and maybe another complete game. Still 103 pitches to go 7 with no walks and 7Ks. That is a recipe for what it looks like to pitch here as a strike-out pitcher.


The Rox even got great bullpen work. Jairo Diaz got a line out and then fly out for the first two outs before giving up a single up the middle to Duffy. Weiss was able to them match-up and bring in Boone Logan to get Brandon Belt to fly softly into DJ’s glove.


The 9th was once again the ground of John Axford who got Posey to ground out to Morneau who flipped to Axford for out 1. Byrd then hit a slow roller than Arenado fileded barehanded as he does so often but Byrd just beat the throw. Son once again, the go-ahead run is at the plate. A month ago Axford blows this save. Not last night as he got Crawford to ground Arenado to Reyes to Morneau for a double play to end the game.


So on a night when the Rox were outhit, didn’t score after the 1st, they won the game…at Coors.


If they had done more of this in May and June we might all be a whole lot more excited about September.


Question for the night….Jorge De La Rosa is 34. He didn’t throw a lot of inning earlier in his career. He lost most of 2011 and pretty much all of 2012 to TJ surgery. If the Rox are looking at being competitive perhaps in 2016 and definitely 2017, do the Rox start talking extension, another two year deal perhaps? His last 7 games he has gone 3-2 with a 2.67 ERA and a 1.23 WHIP and 35Ks in 44.2 innings with just 15 BB. So, he just seems to be hitting his stride as the season closes out.


Best pitcher in Rockies history folks.aaaaaa

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6 years ago

JDLR has another year on his contract. He becomes free agent after 2016.

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