Rox Don’t Do Much in 5-3 Loss

The offense could not get into any rhythm today while all pitchers were not on the 40-man roster except for Rex Brothers.  It looked like T-ball batting practice for the Brewers today against Gus Schlosser and Jorge Ortega.  Brett Marshall has to be commended for his three innings of shutout ball.  Schlosser and Ortega each gave up two runs, Schlosser on a two-run double and Ortega on a bases loaded walk followed by a sacrifice fly.  The BABIP benefitted the pitchers for the most part today.

Drew Stubbs had a solo HR for the first run and Trevor Story hit a two-run homer to make the score 4-3.  My wife and I went on a tour of Milwaukee’s stadium in Maryvale and checked out their souvenir stores causing us to miss Story’s dinger.

Rex Brothers did come on to pitch in the eighth inning.  Frankly he looked wild giving up a run. If the 25-man roster was set today, I would send Brothers away to the minor league camp.  Not only he was wild, but it came against career minor leaguers level batters.

CarGo did start and played into the fifth or sixth inning, but he still hasn’t found his groove.  At least he was using the rubber ring on his bat to protect against finger injuries.  Stubbs’ HR was off a right-handed pitcher.  Brett Marshall who pitched three innings was intriguing.  He didn’t give up a run against the Brewers’ most Opening Day lineup.  I need to see more of him to pass  a judgment on him, but he looks kind of like Christian Bergman 2.0.  Justin Miller who pitched the 8th inning was easily the most impressive pitcher albeit against the no-name hitters.

Fun facts:  I’ve been to two stadiums (Peoria Complex – twice for Mariners/Padres and Maryvale – Brewers).  It would be nice to be able to somehow check the prices in the souvenir stores at other teams’ stadiums online but virtually impossible.  I bought the collectible 2015 Spring Training Cactus figurine for $40 in Peoria, but it was only $35 in Maryvale.   I also bought ST tees and it was $25 in Peoria compared to $30 at Maryvale.  Beer was cheapest at Peoria ($7.50 for a 24-oz draft) and Salt Rivers Field seem to be the most expensive of the three parks that I’ve gone to for concessions.  Game tickets are by far the cheapest at the Brewers’ Maryvale venue.  Box seats (behind plate) were only $23 each while most other ballparks are at least $28.  Parking is $5 at all parks that I’ve been to and it has remained the same for at least a few years.

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6 years ago

RMH – keep the great reporting coming. Burning questions from those of us watching from afar instead of bathing in the sun in Phoenix this Spring – is it a sign of the ineptitude of our front office that we couldn’t get Will Ferrell to play an inning for us? Is there real concern that if he pitched, he might actually make the team? Or was Ferrell concerned he might get injured if he played with the Rox! What’s the… Read more »

6 years ago

RMH – on a serious note – I always go to other stadiums and watch other teams while in Phoenix. My favorite so far is Goodyear (Reds/Indians), but I haven’t it to all of them yet. I still need to go to the Cubs new joint, and to Glendale. Regarding the souvenir shops – I don’t know that I’ve found the pricing that much different, but I DO find that some of the other clubs have much better branding. I… Read more »

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