Rox Face MadBum @ Giants 6-28-2015

Yesterday’s game made a loud statement; the Rockies bullpen are bad as a staff even though some individual arms have had their moments.  But they have never been able to string together shutdown innings until the 27th out.  Injuries has been the leading cause of shuffling around of assigned roles.  The secondary cause is there seems to be one arm having a bad day at the worst possible time.  Even good pitchers have their bad days over the course of the long season, but in the Rockies’ case the bad days seem to always happen when Colorado most need a routine day in the office.  Going into the game yesterday, the Giants had a record of 1-26 when trailing after six innings.  Sure enough, Rafael Betancourt chose yesterday to have a bad day at the office blowing the lead.

The Rockies’ replacement-level rotation requires an airtight defense behind them and their command of the strike zone.  At least two double play grounders were not executed which lead to at least three unearned runs in yesterday’s game.  At least two bad guys who walked scored their runs in the seventh inning rally.

Today Kyle Kendrick opposes MadBum which makes the bullpen, air tight defense, and command of the strike zone keys to beating MadBum.  Another key is Kendrick keeping balls inside the park taking advantage of a pitcher’s park.  Walt Weiss is going back to Joe Maddon’s customary pitcher batting in the eight-hole.  Weiss is also stacking a all-right handed lineup with the exception of CarGo.  Rafael Ynoa takes over Charlie Blackmon, playing left field today.

After the game, the Rockies will ride their Segways across the bay to play the Oakland A’s.  We will see Sonny Gray Tuesday which makes it imperative that Colorado find a way to pull off an upset over MadBum.

RWO Rox lineup


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