Rox Get Second Shot at A’s

Todd Helton will swing his bat against live pitching for the first time this year, as he joins the lineup today against the Oakland A’s.

Helton hasn’t seen the batters box yet this spring, which is by design, giving him both time to slowly get back into play after surgery on his hip, as well as leaving something in the tank for his “Farewell Tour”. Or, because this is Todd we are talking about, his “Bye-Bye Brunch”.

Dex is back in the line-up after sitting out a few games with a mild ankle sprain.


Fowler (CF)
Helton (1B)
Tulo (SS)
Cuddyer (RF)
Rosario (C)
Arenado (DH)
Nelson (3B)
Rutledge (2B)

De La Rosa (starter)

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Bob K.
Bob K.
8 years ago

Arenado gets his third home run of spring training.

Bob K.
Bob K.
8 years ago

“If non-roster invitee third baseman Nolan Arenado continues his torrid play during camp and shows he’s ready, it could allow the Rockies to use their depth at third base to acquire more pitching, tweets the Denver Post’s Troy Renck.”

What depth at third base?

Bob K.
Bob K.
8 years ago
Reply to  jaredean

That is my point, none of the players you listed is a legitimate 3rd baseman. IMHO the only you have listed that has any real trade value is Jordan Pacheco. I may be wrong but so far this spring I have only seen Pacheco listed as DH, C and 1B.

DJ played a decent 3rd base last year at times but he really is a 2nd baseman. Again that is just my opinion.

8 years ago
Reply to  Bob K.

I say you trade Cuddyer and Arenado. Keep Nelson and Pacheco as immediate term 3rd and 1st respectively. 1)both are cheaper than Cuddyer. 2)neither has the trade value of Arenado. Package Cuddyer and Arenado together for the best young starter you can get. IMO this package should get something pretty dang good. You sit on Nelson, Pacheco, DJ, Herrera to get you through the next 2 years when hopefully all your pitching youth is finally ready to compete and you… Read more »

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