Rox Seek to KO Giants 9/6/2015

Here’s the lineup for today.  Hopefully, the offense can find a way to beat MadBum.  With Yohan Flande starting on the bump, it looks like a total mismatch.  Nolan Arenado seeks to hit a home run for the seventh game in a row against MadBum no less.

RWO lineup picture

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6 years ago

All sorts of fascinating stuff happening around baseball. New Yorks Mets Drama. How many innings should Harvey pitch? Our old friend Boras is involved. Meanwhile, wildly talented Stephen Matz has a blister and their BP is worn out. But the best is…….the Nats have righted the ship and are hot. Terry Collins won’t be sleeping the next 4 weeks. Looks like there’s going to be a Baltimore Orioles Front Office / Buck Showalter meltdown. Buck is a damn good Manager.… Read more »

6 years ago

carp: “with the recently “improved” Rockies SP (the bar was set low), I can easily see us playing ourselves into the 5-7 range.” Yep, I’m getting worried about that. Watch the Reds too. Phils (a virtual lock for worst record), Marlins, Reds, Braves … the tank 2015 crowd is getting larger. That’s another reason why I’m in favor of the “play the young kids” approach. Bringing back competent players trying to re-establish some value for 2016 — think Morneau —… Read more »

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