Rox Slug Their Way to Victory

Kerosene gave up a couple of runs in the first inning and settled in to pitch six innings giving up an additional unearned run.  Then the  bullcrap came on in the seventh inning in a 3-3 tie game.  Boone Logan – check, Zero – check, Rex Brothers – reeked loading up the bases (2 BBs and a hit) with one out and got the force at the plate for second out, Matt Belisle – one pitch to Mark Trumbo for final out preserving the tie score, Hawk – check.

Corey Dickerson hit the go ahead game winning solo shot off lockdown pitcher Oliver Perez (sub-two ERA entering game) in the top of the tenth inning.  Baby Bull added an insurance run for a 5-3 final. Earlier Ben Paulsen hit his first career homer to even the score at 2-2 and Baby Bull retied the game at 3-3 later with a solo shot to right center.

rmh, EdtheUmp, and TJinPhoenix can make a claim to witnessing future Hall of Famer Paulsen’s first career homer.  It was left on left and away from Coors Field (Chase Field).

Onward to San Diego.

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Bob in Indy
Bob in Indy
7 years ago

Great that you guys saw Ben’s first homer. I am still trying to verify if I saw Todd Helton’s first or second homer. He hit them in his first two games in Pittsburgh. I know I saw him hit one there at the beginning of his career and I remember it was a day game. His first two were on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, so that fits. The key that I remember is telling my brother-in-law that this guy is… Read more »

Bob in Indy
Bob in Indy
7 years ago

Sorry about always reminiscing about games from the past, but they sure are fonder memories than anything being generated these days!

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