RWO Restructure and Call For Help

Hey gang, many of you have most likely noticed that RockyMountainHigh has taken a front and center spot in the pre/post game and lead commenter on the site lately.  At the beginning of the season I seriously mulled the idea of stepping away from the site completely because my work and home life had taken a serious upswing, pretty much at the same time the team had taken a serious downs-wing, but I couldn’t handle the thought of losing the site completely.  That is when I contacted RMH, Jeem and Dr. C. to see if they would be able to help out during the season with write-ups.  They all stepped up and it was very very needed.  I then had another issue with work related things and needed to completely step away from the site and in doing so noticed that RMH was more than up for the task of taking point on writing and organizing those who were doing so.

Because of his amazing talent to take over writings when needed and keeping in communication with Jeem and Dr. C, I approached him about taking over the “front facing” part of the site while I stepped into a “behind the scenes” person.  He will take over organizing the writing aspect of the site while my main duties will lie in the site coding, maintenance and improvement.

So, the new structure of the site will be as follows:

JAREDEAN: Site Tech Geek
ROCKYMOUNTAINHIGH: Senior Editor/Main Writer
JEEM: Staff Writer, pre/post game guru
DR. C: Prolific Feature Writer

Having done the bulk of the writing myself in the past and RMH having done the bulk of the writing this season we both agree that one person can’t do it alone and Jeem isn’t willing to quit his day job and write 24/7.  So, we are asking for others to volunteer if possible.  Hence the:


We need two or more people to start writing pre/post game for the RWO site.  This is an amazing opportunity to use the sentence, “I’m a published author” on job applications or when picking up dates at seedy bars.

Requirements include knowing, and at least partially liking, the Colorado Rockies.  Hating the Giants is preferred, but not a must.

Duties include doing a pre-game write-up at least 30 minutes prior to each game you are assigned and a Post Game write-up after the last pitch is thrown.  Ideally the post-game write-up would be the same day as the game itself, but in cases of late games it can be posted early the next morning.

For those interested please let us know in the comments below, or you can contact us through the “Contact” page.

Thanks everyone for making this site so amazing with your comments!  This has (again) been a very tough season to watch and it is so nice having someone else to share the misery with!

Go Rox!

ps…If you aren’t able to, or don’t want to write, you can still help out the site with Donations! I haven’t reached out for donations in a while and we only get them when I do, so the money for the technical side has pretty much dried up. Anything you can give would rock, even if it is an “attaboy” in the comments section!

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7 years ago

Donation made! Keep this site open. I need a place to vent, and whine, and moan, and cry, and b**th, and talk junk about the Monfarts and Frick and Frack!

Bob in Indy
Bob in Indy
7 years ago

Surely Agbayani should be added to the staff as Statistical Consultant.

7 years ago

Just want to say if you have Dr. C. use a special font size it may decrease the bandwidth being crunched out when he submits his 5 part articles.


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