Say Hello to Cuddyer and Blake

Michael Cuddyer and Casey Blake are the two latest additions to the Colorado Rockies, but they are far from being signed under the same contractual terms.

Cuddyer signed a 3 year, $31.5 million contract while Blake was a paltry 1 year, $2 million.  Blake’s contract is also not guaranteed.

Personally I like that Cuddyer was signed, even if I don’t agree with the amount paid.  Last year was extremely anti-climatic – hoping we would sign that power right-handed bat we knew we needed, flirting with Michael Young and starting the season with neither.  Being let down 2 years in a row for the same reason is not a great way to start spring training in 2012.

My first thought on the Blake signing was, “glad he will be hitting in Coors from the home dugout and not the visitors –  that guy has gone off on us in the past and his bench WAR will be excellent every time we play the Dodgers!”

What do you guys think of the two signings?


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9 years ago

I have always liked Blake and hope he will be healthy. And he has been terror as an opponent. He and Loney.

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