Scenes From A Monfort Restaurant

A bottle of white, a bottle of red
Perhaps a bottle of Coors Light instead
We’ll get a table near the field
In our usual last place
You and I, face to face.

A bottle of red, a bottle of white
It all depends upon your line of sight
I’ll meet you anytime you want
In A Monfort Restaurant.

Things are OK with me these days
Got a good job, got a good office
New GM, still Walt Weiss
And the family’s fine
We lost touch long ago
We lost games, I did not know
You would ever care so much
After so much time.

Do you remember those days
Hanging out at the LoDo scene?
Blake Street Bombers, purple jerseys
And Helton dreams
Drop a click on YouTube
Play a highlight from those old teams
Cold beer, hot lights
My sweet romantic owner nights.

Dickie and Jeffie were the popular steadies
And the king and GM of the Rox
Riding around in the same old town
With the radio off
Nobody looked any finer
Or was more of a hit at the Rooftop Diner
They never knew we could want
More than that out of life
Surely Dickie and Jeffie would
Always know how to survive.

Dickie and Jeffie were still going steady
In the summer of 2015
When they decided that Tulo
Would leave at the end of July
Everyone said they were crazy
Dickie, ya know that you’re much too lazy
And Jeffie could never afford
To trade that kind of guy
But there we were waving Tulo
And winning goodbye.

They fell to the basement
With a weak rotation
And a couple of bench volunteers
An awful bullpen they
Bought with no bread
Like they had for so many years
The offense still tried
At least most of the time
But they just didn’t count on the jeers.

They lived for a while
In very nice style
But it’s always the same in the end
They got a draft choice
And a new TV voice
And they left the fans wondering when
Then the king and GM
Went back to Coors Field
But we can never go back there again.

Dickie and Jeffie had done it already
By August of 2015
From the high to the low
To the end of The Show
For the rest of our lives
They couldn’t get help from the minors
After Jon Gray
It’s mostly short-timers
But we always knew they would all
Find a way to get by.

That’s all I heard about Dickie and Jeffie
Can’t tell you more than I told you already
And here we are
Wavin’ Purple Rocktober goodbye.

A bottle of red, a bottle of white,
Whatever, fine, we’ll probably lose tonight
I’ll meet you anytime you want
In A Monfort Restaurant.

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5 years ago

I was a frequent poster many years ago. I read this site and the Post everyday to keep up with the Rox. I don’t watch (live in FL now, was living in Greeley for 43 years) but I still consider them my team. Just so you all know, I grew up on Long Island (Hicksville) and Billy Joel was a senior when I was a Sophomore. So with that in mind, DD this was genius, pure genius. Had to be… Read more »

5 years ago

Great post. My wife wanted to go to the game tomorrow to celebrate our anniversary, but I said let’s go today cuz Jon Gray is pitching.

Funny thing you posted this rooftop pavilion picture. I will be there and I wonder if the owner will be there. Nah, doubt it.

5 years ago


Today is sort of like Groudhog Day. I survived another Leadville 100. That means at least 1 more year of me relentlessly tormenting the Blake Street Clown Show and Monfart……unless they somehow decide to get it right this year. Then I’ll be the first to congratulate them.

5 years ago

Awesome, Donny D! They should play Billy Joel with your new lyrics at the faux Italian Monfort’s Macaroni Grill chain they bought for less than the price of one season of Boone Logan and Drew Stubbs.

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