sdcarp says “BUY and SELL”

Patrick Saunders has an article in the Post speculating if the Rox will be buyers or sellers as the deadline approaches. It’s sort of a milquetoast article in general….even has a couple of Bridich “say nothing” quotes (as Bridich should….that’s not intended to be a criticism). Here’s a link to the article;

Saunders: Chances are Rockies are sellers, not buyers at trade deadline

Saunders correctly points out that JDLR, Logan, Reynolds, Descalso and Hundley are in the final year of their respective deals. He also puts his spin on the Cargo situation.

The 2016 Rox are better. Bridich seems to be plotting a roadmap to contention (that makes sense!). There seems to be a method to the madness. That said….we’ll continue to drop away from contention as this summer progresses. Still too many holes. So you’re no doubt thinking “sdcarp says sell, sell, sell!”

Here’s what sdcarp is really thinking………”Sell and BUY.”

I think Logan has real value. Descalso may bring a low A Prospect with some upside (don’t underestimate the value of veteran Utility guys to playoff teams). Reynolds falls in the same category as Descalso. I’m more skeptical regarding JDLR and Hundley. Regardless……it’s crazy to not trade these guys to anyone willing to pickup 2 months of salary and return a low minor’s Prospect (think Yency Almonte for example). It would also be nice to get rid of McGee, Motte, and Qualls……but since they’re on the books for 17, I’m much more skeptical with these guys.

Cargo….there’s really nothing to say here that hasn’t already been said. I’ve stated several times recently I’d love to get Clint Frazier from the Indians or something similar from another team.

Now to the “BUY” part. I’d love to see us get a more permanent 1B option. Some offensive thunder. I believe the Rox are going to look to lock up NoDo long term. If true… makes Ryan McMahon expendable and a really, really nice trade chip. Remember, Prospects are baseball currency. I’ve previously speculated about Wil Myers. But there are probably other options out there. Freddie Freeman? Don’t laugh. The Braves have been willing to absorb salary in other recent deals to get the Prospect they need. Freeman’s 8 year, 135M deal goes through 2021 and is somewhat “Club friendly.” What if the Braves took on 5M of Freeman’s salary per year for 17-21. That’s 25M. McMahon fits their window and could easily save them more than 25M by being Club controlled.

Also keep in mind we’ve saved 50M on Tulo’s deal. Trade Cargo and another 15M “ish” could be saved. Obviously a chunk of that needs to go to NoDo’s extension. But you can see where I’m going with this……I don’t think it’s completely insane.

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5 years ago

Tyler Anderson: I really like him. Weird thing how fads come and go in baseball. In the original post-Moneyball era, analytics guys would have been all over Anderson simply because he had superb minor league stats. The only knock on him would have been that he can’t seem to stay healthy (yeah, that’s a big knock). Then the pendulum shifted the other way and it was all about velocity and “projectability.” That caused everyone to think of a guy like… Read more »

Bob K.
Bob K.
5 years ago
Reply to  sdcarp

Because Ottavino is on the 60 day DL there needs to be an open spot on the 40 man roster for him when his DL stint is over. I believe the Flande call up was in preparation to cut him loose. It isn’t the first time that the Rockies have given a brief call up to a person they were planning to cut.

5 years ago

41 strikeouts in 3 games in LA? Without even facing Kershaw? WITH facing the hardly imposing 1-2-3 punch of Bud Norris, Scott Kazmir, and Brandon McCarthy? This is the real reason why a team that plays half it’s games at mile-high elevation doesn’t win. It rewards awful habits at the plate — habits that result in a feast or famine approach. Welcome to this year’s final collapse. And welcome, soon I hope, to the new generation (Dahl, Hoffman, Freeland, maybe… Read more »

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