Sheesh, Now it is Beyond Embarrassing

The nine runs the Diamondbacks scored in the 8th inning, on their way to a 14-4 beat-down, was more runs than the Rockies have scored in the last three games…combined.

I believe Thomas Harding from the MLB had the paragraph of the night when describing the disgusting 8th inning the Rockies forced our good friends EdTheUmp, RMH and TJinPhoenix, along with their significant others, to endure when he wrote:

Rockies manager Walt Weiss called a pregame meeting and urged focus. That all went to pieces when the Rockies gave up nine runs and eight hits in the bottom of the eighth. The frame featured a passed ball, a wild pitch, two errors and a wild pitch before it really fell apart. Reliever Nick Masset walked in a run and coughed up a David Peralta grand slam.

Thomas Harding, MLB.COM

The Rockies have picked up the barrel they were scraping the bottom of, turned it over and started digging a hole underneath it.

To quote RWO’s Rocky Mountain High:


Rocky Mountain High, RWO

One thing is abundantly clear.  This team doesn’t deserve the hard work being put in by Morneau at bat and Arenado with the glove.  Hopefully things will change, but if history has shown anything it’s that the core of this team is the perfect team for ownership and that ain’t gonna change in a long long while.

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7 years ago

OK. So it’s onto the finish without Cargo or Tulo, both of whom probably thought over last night’s disgrace and said “not again, not with me”. Gonzalez seems to be a physical basket case, but Tulo seems to have developed a more serious affliction, perhaps caused by a long talk with his agent.

And of course, Frankie will do his part to cement the descent.

Maybe they should just intentionally walk Trumbo every time he comes up to bat.

7 years ago

29 more L’s until we get to 100

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