So That is What a Losing Streak Looks Like – Reds 4 Rockies 3


This will be short and simple.

  • Rockies have lost consecutive games since April 13 and 14th, the walk-off homer by the Giants Brandon Crawford against Rex Brothers followed by the 8th inning walk-a-thon by Rex Brothers against the Padres. That is three weeks of games without losing two in a row. That is impressive!
  • Nolan Arenado’s streak ended tonight at 28 games. But he worked a key walk in the Top of the 9th in his last AB which led to scoring the tie run to make it 3-3. He still holds the Rockies record, and it is nice to have the record held by a Rockies developed player (nothing against Cuddyer). You know the streak would end someday soon and he showed he is a team player working an 0-2 count to a walk from which he scored in the top of the 9th.
  • We got back Jhulys Chacin tonight. Last Sunday he didn’t look like himself at any point during his 5 inning stint. After a tough 1st inning and a huge homer in the 2nd, Chacin was a stud the rest of the way, matching Johnny Cueto pitch-for-pitch through 6 innings. Assuming there is no reversion, we now have our opening day pitcher back pitching well, our opening day starter from last year pitching well, and tomorrow’s starter, Lyles. That is a good set of starting 3 to go forward. His velocity isn’t all the way back yet, but his curve was dominating in spots and his sinker was getting the outs we expect.
  • Justin Morneau continues to provide a big bat both at home and the road. His 9th inning double to tie the game was big and he continues to be along with Michael Morse the best free-agent signing this off-season.
  • Tulo can hit homers anywhere. He crushed a deep homer to get the opening run for the Rockies.
  • Walt Weiss continues to start Drew Stubbs and hit him second, even against right-handed hitting. This may be because playing Dickerson leaves the bench devoid of left-handed hitter, but Stubbs was 0-4 with 2Ks, and had 2 left-on-base.
  • Adam Ontavino had an excellent 7th. He threw 8 pitches, 5 for strikes, and dominated the Reds in his inning.
  • Boone Logan did not have a good game. Starting the 8th he allowed a pinch-hit double to Billy Hamilton (could have been a triple but smart base-running – never make the first out at 3rd). After a bunt moved him to third, Logan gave up a sac-fly to Pena, the catcher (a great throw by Blackmon made it much closer than expected). Logan then got Philips to end the inning. Why did they not walk Pena and try and get a double-play to get out of the 8th without a run?
  • Logan was kept on to start the 9th with the Matt Belisle ready in the pen. Logan was to face left-handed hitting Joey Votto was 0-3 against Logan entering the night. After 3 pitches nowhere near the strike-zone Logan threw a “get-me-over” fastball that Votto buried deep into the night for a 4-3 win. Logan has given up 2 homers this season already, but has been a big plus overall for the team, not merely facing lefties but getting righties as well. Tonight was his 14th appearance. He had an awful game in the 10-9 Phillies loss (allowing 3R/2ER after facing 4 batters), he gave up the homer in the 8th in Arizona to blow the save but got the win when Drew Stubbs hit his own homer in the 9th, and then tonight. So three bad outings in 14. Not great, but also not horrible. His ERA is now 3.75 and I am betting the next time he is facing a 3-0 situation to a hitter like Votto he will throw a nasty enough pitch that it will either be ball 4 and you deal with the runner or it will be impossible to hit. Tonight Votto got the better of the battle – it happens when you face former MVPs.
  • The Rockies were 6 for 33 tonight but only 1-5 with RISP. Just one more hit somewhere might have changed the game. As it was, the Rockies need to win the next two to win the series.
  • Saturday’s game, 5:10 MDT, Jordan Lyles 4-0, 2.62 vs. Alfredo Simon, 4-1, 1.99. Sunday’s game, 11:10 MDT, Homer Baily 2-2, 5.36 vs….currently to-be-announced. The Rockies may make a move and Juan Nicasio, who spot this, out of the rotation. Nothing has been announced but the Rockies may decide to go to their group of 5 young arms to see if one of them is ready. Will keep you posted.
  • The Rockies 22 wins remains tied with San Francisco and Milwaukee for the most in the majors, pending tonight’s results.

The Rockies lost tonight but once again they fought hard to the end, coming back from 2-0 and 3-2 deficits, not packing it in, and scoring against the Red’s closer Jonathan Broxton, who was 8-8 with a 0.00 ERA entering the game. This is a hard-working and tenacious team. However, their record is now 1-7 in “pen games” with still the only “come-from-behind” win against another team’s pen being the great Mets game. The tenacious spirit and hard work should start meaning wins in these games at some point.

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7 years ago

Dr. C–that was “short”? 🙂 but as always…great info. Stating the obvious here but I was so impressed that NoDo worked the walk (showing a true ‘team’ attitude) vs going up hacking to get ‘his’ hit. Bittersweet walk at the time, but I was wondering how many MLB players would take the team first attitude. Of course I’m assuming that’s what he was thinking and maybe his goal was more for him, but don’t ruin my feel good story with… Read more »

7 years ago

This is like the 5th game the Rockies have lost because a pitcher loafed a pitch down Broadway.

7 years ago

Yep…..on the verge of getting health(ier). I thought the Rox really dealt with Cueto pretty well last night. Many scouts think Cueto has been the best pitcher in the NL to this point (better than Fernandez). Votto is a great, great player. That wasn’t the first game he’s ended. AND… noted by a couple above, I though Arenado’s last AB was fabulous. Meanwhile…..even though we’re dealing with a couple of down games, the planets continue to align for the Rox.… Read more »

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