Soggy Sunday, Shutout Sunday

What is it with rain in Chicago?  Last season the Rockies were playing the best baseball they’d played in a long time, facing the Cubs and having won 16 of their last 23 games.  It was looking like the “slow start Rockies” were a thing of the past.  The Rox had already taken the first two games of the series and were looking for the sweep.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the park.

It started to sprinkle.  Nothing big, just a drizzle.  But much to the dismay of the Rockie faithful, who could feel in their heart of hearts that they would for sure sweep as long as someone yelled “play ball”, the umpire declared it a rain-out and sent everyone packing.  The rain was anything but a downpour and the doppler showed nothing to the contrary, but someone somewhere wanted to get home to their family and didn’t have time to call a game, and before you could say “postponed” the Rockies left Chicago unfulfilled.

The team ended up playing the makeup later in the failed season, losing 3-7.  Oh that drasted rain.

Today mother nature was a little more convincing.  So was a pitcher that couldn’t muster a win in his last 23 starts stretching out over a year of tossing the ball.

The Rockies managed to make Chris Volstad look as uninhabitable as Cy Young, and to his credit his stuff was actually pretty good.  Or maybe the Rox decided to pack up their good bats during the 2 hour 23 minute rain delay, getting a jump on prepping for the airport.

It really was a shame because Jhoulys Chacin’s did his best to prove his last outing wasn’t a fluke.  He only surrendered one run on five hits, walking two and striking out three.  It wasn’t quite as impressive as his start last Tuesday, but more than enough good pitches crossed the plate to help cement his status as comeback kid of the month.

Today there was a long wait for the game, and I didn’t feel that good. It was bad weather, it was rainy and it was humid. When I was pitching, all the sweat came to my hand, and it was tough to grab the ball. But I still could make my pitch when I needed it — five innings, one run. It was frustrating because we couldn’t get any runs, but their pitcher did a really good job.

Jhoulys Chacin

The heroes of this road trip, one that saw the Rockies go 5-2, would undoubtedly be the strong bullpen work that came through in the close games.  Today one of the three of them combined for four runs.  Ottavino and Harris surrendered one each while Reynolds gave up two.

The game was called in the top of the ninth after a second rain delay.

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