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Stop Me if You’ve Heard this Before

The Colorado Rockies opened the 2016 MLB season even-Steven, 3 wins/3 losses, and in spite of a fine, palate-cleansing performance by Chad Bettis in Sunday’s 6-3 victory over the Padres, it was horrible.  They open-up a 3-game set with the hated San Francisco Giants this evening, 6:40 pm at Coors Field in Denver.

To quote a tired, old Yogi Berra quip, week 1 was deja vu all over again, with 4 of the 6 starts turned-in being, shall we say, “substandard” in quality.  Jorge De La Rosa had a disappointing outing in the opener on Monday, and Bettis wasn’t much better the next day, although he “manned-up” and made it into the 5th inning.  Tyler Chatwood was a slick aberration in Wednesday’s win, then after an off-day Jordan Lyles took the hill for the home opener.

Lyles was awful.  He looked like somebody Dick Monfort found shuffling around Sonny Lawson field over on California Street and invited over to make a start at the big park.  He threw about a thousand pitches in 3-1/3 innings, took about 10 minutes between each pitch, twitched, paced, and started pretty-much everybody 0-2 before running the count out 7 or 8 pitches and losing the guy one way or another.  Lyles is working a cool 13.50 ERA and needs to figure-out a fresh approach.  Fast.  I’d start by shaving.

DLR was almost as bad on Saturday; he made it through 4 innings and is sporting a nifty 12.46 marker.   San Diego had rolled into Denver 0 for 2016 in terms of scoring runs, but after they got a look at Lyles, De La Rosa, and the long end of the Rockies’ bullpen they had 29 in the book and were averaging close to 6 per game.  Bettis fortunately allowed Colorado to salvage the series finale, allowing 2 runs on 6 hits over 7 innings, and picking-up a win.

The Rockies have been hitting a bunch of home runs, including 7 by the rookie Trevor Story, who they’ve even heard-of in New York.  Carlos Gonzalez has 3.  There have been 17 in all, which leads the majors by a mile, out of 35 total runs, and as RMH noted earlier in the week, you need to find alternative ways to score, although it’s tough to be critical when almost everybody that’s been on trotted home on a blast.

Chatwood (1-0, 1.42) goes to the hill tonight in the opener v San Francisco.  He was very good 6 days ago, allowing 2 runs on 7 hits over 6-1/3.  He struck-out 3 and didn’t walk a batter.  Chatwood will match up with Jeff Samardzija (0-0, 5.06), the long time Cub in his first season with the Giants.  Samardzija faced the Brewers on April 6 in a game San Francisco eventually lost.  He went 5-1/3, allowing 3 runs on 8 hits.  He struck-out 6 and walked 3.

Colorado manager Walt Weiss is tapping his creative streak with the lineup tonight.  Chatwood will hit 8th, ahead of DJ LeMahieu, which if nothing else should protect DJ from the double-switch.  The order is otherwise pretty standard.  Mark Reynolds is at 1st-base, hitting 6th.  Nick Hundley is behind the plate, following Reynolds.  Bruce Bochy has Denard Span, over from the Nationals, leading-off in center-field.  Angel Pagan moves over to left and will hit 7th ahead of Trevor Brown, who’ll catch Samardzija.

It’s a cloudy night in the Mile High City.  It’ll be about 63° at game time with wind at 10 MPH, blowing in from left.  ROOT has the telecast and let’s hope it’s Spilly’s turn in the booth.  Radio’s on KOA am.

Denard Span (L) CF
Joe Panik (L) 2B
Hunter Pence (R) RF
Brandon Belt (L) 1B
Matt Duffy (R) 3B
Brandon Crawford (L) SS
Angel Pagan (S) LF
Trevor Brown (R) C
Jeff Samardzija (R) P
Charlie Blackmon (L) CF
Trevor Story (R) SS
Carlos Gonzalez (L) RF
Nolan Arenado (R) 3B
Gerardo Parra (L) LF
Mark Reynolds (R) 1B
Nick Hundley (R) C
Tyler Chatwood (R) P
DJ LeMahieu (R) 2B
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5 years ago


5 years ago

Nice review. But it look me s little figuring out how to find Game Day post today. It was not on home page of RWO

5 years ago

I found it pretty easily on the home page. Has Chat been deep-sixed? I rarely (we rarely?) participated the last year or two, the team so uninspiring, but it is fun when it gets going some nights.

5 years ago
Reply to  roxnsox

I loved the chat feature but it wasn’t really being used and it was a little difficult for us to setup for games. I wanted to launch the new site and then add back things like Chat, Poll’s as the dust settles…

5 years ago

Rockies offense uninspiring period.

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