Struggles Continue on Road – Part 2 of 7

After the Tulo/Yankees rumors that went viral, Tulo underwent a non-invasive dry needling procedure and began his recovery road.  Rough estimate is a mid-August return.  Walt Weiss laughed off the Tulo rumors and stated that Josh Rutledge had an upper respiratory infection.  So the bench is quite short-handed.  After Yohan Flande’s good start helped slow down the bullpen overwork, Jorge De La Rosa (11-6, 4.19) will go after the Cubs in what hopefully won’t be his final start as a Rockie as the Rockies return to the top of the rotation.  Boone Logan, Christian Adames, and Justin Morneau were all seen by Colorado media in the clubhouse this afternoon.  If all three are activated, then three guys has got to go back to Colorado Springs.  We know one is very likely to be Chad Bettis.

Lineup TBD

Rockies @ Cubs

Tuesday 7/29, 6:05 PM MDT at Wrigley Field

Radio: COL: KOA 850 CHC: WGN 720, WRTO 1200



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7 years ago

Most boring game in the history of baseball. Two inept teams fighting for sole possession of the cellar. I caught an inning or so driving home. Ate dinner. Caught another inning or so. Fell asleep for an hour or so. Watched some other trash tv. Flipped back to Root at about 10:30. Maybe 50 fans left in Wrigley. A guy named Christian (except there’s an extra h in there for some reason) Adames is making his major league debut, which… Read more »

7 years ago

I don’t think that Adames is a career minor leaguer. He’s probably a real major leaguer, but probably not much more than the 2016 Jonny Herrera.

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