Stubbs Slugs Rox 8th Walk Off

On the day the Rockies were mathematically eliminated from the post season they celebrated by forcing 29,000 people to sit five hours through 12 innings before Stubbs decided to let everyone go home happy.

De La Rosa started the game, going five and two-thirds before handing the ball to Brooks Brown, standing in line for the win with the Rox up 6-3.

But wouldn’t ya know it the bullpen blew the lead and almost the game.

Five hours seemed like nothing when you realize it took 18 pitchers, 44 players all together between both teams, before the night was finished.

It almost seemed like the Padres had one too many men on the field in the bottom of the 12th as the friars loaded up the infield with five to try and stop Stubbs from slugging DJ home from third. DJ started the inning with a double down the line and was moved over thanks to an excellent sacrifice bunt by Cloberson.

Four Padres on the left side were no match for a Stubbs ripped grounder through the hole. Once DJ crossed home plate a half-hearted scrum at second ensued before the team left the field to get a few hours shut-eye. The boys were so tired they didn’t even have the strength to pick up the Gatorade bucket to drench Drew. Too bad, he looked like he could have used a wake-up soak after post-game replays showed he was super grumpy face guy during said scrum.

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7 years ago

I thought he was just freakin’ exhausted. Couldn’t even smile after delivering the game. That’s OK. Are we smiley every minute of our workday? 😉

I like that they’re winning a few as we limp to the finish, anyway.

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