Sunday Line up and Happy Father’s Day

Is today Chris Rusin’s last change to keep Jon Gray in Albuquerque?  In other news, the Rockies have yet to sign Peter Lambert and David Hill, second and fourth round picks respectively.  Atlantaj (looking at you Rox brass) has already started rebuilding, obtaining Bronson Arroyo (salary dump) and Touki Toussaint  (Arizona’s 2014 1st round pick, #16 overall) for essentially free (Phil Gosselin).

Over in Boston, David Ortiz went out and complained about umpiring in general (after getting ejected by home plate ump after his single) claiming that the umpires in general are showing less respect (sorry EdtheUmp, but there are some good umps like the one that showed great restraint when Torii Hunter went ballistic) and more agonistic than ever before.  Should the Rockies have a little more attitude?

Walt Weiss has more or less said he is going with Scott Gopherg and Tommy Kahnle in high leverage situations.  Now is as good as any time to throw them in the fire building for the future.  That allows Colorado to use Hawk, Boone Logan, and Christian Friedrich in earlier innings as needed.

If the pitching staff can keep the ball inside the park and the hitters can put out hits in double digits, the Rockies have a chance to extend their meager win streak to two.  Game starts at 2:10 MDT on a hot day where the balls could potentially be flying.  Father’s Day crowd have historically been in the mid to high 30 thousand.  Time to give a gift of victory to all wonderful fathers.

Rox pics from TV



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6 years ago

I’m really trying to keep up with the Braves. Jon Hart is an old dog that’s throwing out all sorts of new tricks. When he sent the Padres Craig Kimbrel, he forced then to take Melvin BJ Upton’s awful contract as well. He received Carlos Quentin’s much less awful contract in return (along with others – including Matt Wisler – who had a brilliant MLB debut Friday night) and promptly released him the next day. Now he’s taking Arroyo’s “bad”… Read more »

6 years ago

For those interested in TJ surgeries and recoveries, fantastic article: I read it twice and still can’t come to any sort of concrete conclusion. There is a “trend” towards a relatively short career after the surgery (3.6 years for major leaguers) but…… if you take the average major leaguer who hasn’t had TJ surgery he might only have 3.6 years remaining as well????? Also some evidence indicating subsequent shoulder issues…..but I can’t be sure that percentage isn’t significantly different… Read more »

6 years ago

Decent game of mostly smallball. Brewers must really stink as they didn’t get much going on a day where the score is usually in double-digits from both teams. Nice of Blackmon to finally show up for a whole series. And the Pitch Whisperer had a very good game as well.

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