Mike Trout 2, Yard Goats 2, and Mr. Robot in the 9th

When pictures started appearing on social media throughout the day of Tulo, Weiss, and others sporting Hartford Yard Goats gear, I thought for a second “Wow, they’ve gotten rid of everyone at the deadline.” Then I realized it was just PR day, and my hopes for some kind of positive change were at least temporarily … Continued

Axford blows tire and loses curve

The normally reliable John Axford, without whom the Rox bullpen would be totally terrible, blew a tire tonight. Entering the 9th with a 2-run lead, 32 pitches later he left with a 1-run deficit. His breaking pitches absolutely were not working at all, and he turned to mostly fastballs. 2 BB, 3 singles, and a … Continued