Clint Barmes is still costing us games

We are working really hard to dispel the rumor that home runs can’t be hit in San Diego. The two guys at the bottom of the Padres lineup – Clint Barmes and Austin Hedges – both did damage in a 5-4 Rockies loss. Austin who? 2nd round draft pick in 2011 from San Juan Capistrano. … Continued

BREAKING: Pen melts – for Dodgers

OK, show of hands – how many of you turned tonight’s contest off in the 7th? After a two and a half hour rain delay, and what had all the makings of another Dodger victory after another Rockies bullpen meltdown, I’m sure lots of folks were discouraged. ESPN2 threw up the graphic about how lopsided … Continued

Death by 2 outs, and Hale, Hale

We’ll open with the bizarre stat of the day: all 13 Giants runs in today’s twinbill were scored with 2 outs. Uncanny, and the Giants beat guys said the last 4 runs yesterday were with 2 outs for a total of 17. In the opener, we got turf toed. At some point (and I honestly … Continued

FirstLook: Phillies vs. Rockies, 5.20.15

The worst-case scenario with Troy Tulowitzki so far hasn’t materialized, thankfully, because there is no Plan B at shortstop. Wilin Rosario seems to have benefitted from the trip to Los Pollos Hermanos in Albuquerque, especially in his play around the bag at 1B, and he is hitting since his May 10th return. Sending Corey Dickerson … Continued