Clint Barmes is still costing us games

We are working really hard to dispel the rumor that home runs can’t be hit in San Diego. The two guys at the bottom of the Padres lineup – Clint Barmes and Austin Hedges – both did damage in a 5-4 Rockies loss. Austin who? 2nd round draft pick in 2011 from San Juan Capistrano. … Continued

Losing the game in the 1st

There’s a saying called “wearing it”, where a player takes responsibility for a major gaffe. Helton was the best at it. He’d lay the accountability at his own locker, even if he had help, just to keep the heat off others in the locker room. At least DLR understands. He wore last night’s 1st inning, … Continued

Bettis and Blackmon step up

Maybe it was a few people, like DJ and Nick Hundley, getting upset last night that woke the Rockies up. Maybe it was just good timing, with the Brewers’ version of a hard-luck innings eater on the mound. Maybe it was just a day game, where the Rockies are now 13-13 on the season (correspondingly, … Continued

Strikes versus stuff, and an air of frustration

On last night’s TCU vs Vanderbilt broadcast from the College World Series in Omaha, Riley Ferrell came in to pitch the last couple innings. With the game out of hand and Vanderbilt leading 7-1, Karl Ravech shifted into Baseball Tonight mode, asking Kyle Peterson if Ferrell could be in the majors this year – with … Continued

Martinez heat too much for Rox

One of the things said about the old Blake Street Bombers was they never met a fastball they didn’t like. In particular, Vinny Castilla was about as dead red a hitter as has ever played. It’s hard to compare prior generations in terms of pitch velocity, movement, and location, but this offense seemed to see … Continued

BREAKING: Pen melts – for Dodgers

OK, show of hands – how many of you turned tonight’s contest off in the 7th? After a two and a half hour rain delay, and what had all the makings of another Dodger victory after another Rockies bullpen meltdown, I’m sure lots of folks were discouraged. ESPN2 threw up the graphic about how lopsided … Continued