One guy is doing all the Nats’ hitting

One recollection of Matt Williams has stuck with me for years, and it came from the Diamondbacks booth. Digging through game logs, it had to be August 5, 2005. Matt Holliday comes up in the 8th and breaks his bat on a pitch – that lands in the left field bleachers at Chase Field. Unbelievable … Continued

Stuff plays but control usually wins

Today’s 3-2 Rox loss in Chicago was at least competitive, and I can’t say it was a terrible Eddie Butler outing. Once again, the margin for error was zilch, and a couple Butler mistakes to Dexter and Rizzo left the yard. The other side is what I want to talk about for a minute. Lester … Continued

Losing the game in the 1st

There’s a saying called “wearing it”, where a player takes responsibility for a major gaffe. Helton was the best at it. He’d lay the accountability at his own locker, even if he had help, just to keep the heat off others in the locker room. At least DLR understands. He wore last night’s 1st inning, … Continued

Rox overpower Harang, deliver victory

A lot of things went right today for the Rockies in a 5-2 win at Philadelphia. The way this game unfolded, it could have easily gone the way so many games have gone this year, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. As Ryan Spilborghs said, it’s the #PITCHING, but it seems several things are … Continued

FirstLook: Rockies @ Phillies, 5.30.15

The depth chart for the Rockies is rather hilarious this morning. Charlie Blackmon is playing both LF and CF. Descalso is at 1B. And Chad Bettis is listed 6th in the rotation. All three of those are laughers. Bettis has been one of the more pleasant surprises of the season. We are finally seeing … Continued

Butler digs hole too big for offense

Eddie Butler came out throwing … and throwing … and throwing. 43 pitches in the first inning, coughing up 2 runs due in large part to his own throwing error where he skipped a ball off the lip of the 1B cutout Rosario couldn’t handle. He then surrendered a 454 foot shot to Ryan Howard … Continued