Why not just make 10 louder?

In the midst of an epic Rockies losing streak at 10 games, there are a lot of crazy ideas being thrown out on what should be done. 1) Fire Weiss. There is absolutely nothing Weiss can do with this roster and its current performance. Did he pick the wrong rotation guys? Chacin went away, DLR … Continued

Rox First Win of the Season: 6-5

Thankfully the Rockies didn’t do their best impression of their 2013 selves, the one where they score a lot of runs in the first inning and then go cold the rest of the night, only to watch as the lead slips away into another loss. After opening the season to a 10-1 beat-down and then … Continued

CarGo and Cuddy Chosen for Derby

NL team captain David Wright named his three sluggers for the Home Run Derby and surprisingly 2/3 of them were Rockies.  Carlos Gonzalez and Michael Cuddyer have been asked to participate in the Home Run Derby, along with Bryce Harper. They will go up against the AL team, which so far consist of team captain … Continued

Smoke and Mirrors?

It says more about the NL West than the Rockies, that after going 4-11 in the last 15 games they still find themselves sitting in third place in the division, only four games back from the division leading Diamondbacks.  You try to pull that stunt in the NL East and you’ll end up battling it … Continued

Ryu Hot, De La Rosa…Not

The Dodgers just seem to have his number.  To quote in-house RWO team statistician EdTheUmp: De la Rosa 0-6 in decisions vs Dodgers…team is 0-13 when he starts against Dodgers. The Rox look like they have a hangover from all the hits last night. While a ton of credit goes to South Korea native Hyun-Jin … Continued


In the second game of the Rockies vs Mets doubleheader, the Rockies entered the field having only 4 errors as a team, which was tied for the fourth best record in the majors.  When they left the game they were sitting at seven.  If the game ended with a loss, that would have been the … Continued