CarGo and Cuddy Chosen for Derby

NL team captain David Wright named his three sluggers for the Home Run Derby and surprisingly 2/3 of them were Rockies.  Carlos Gonzalez and Michael Cuddyer have been asked to participate in the Home Run Derby, along with Bryce Harper. They will go up against the AL team, which so far consist of team captain … Continued

Goin’ Cold in the Desert

Remember when CarGo had Arizona’s number?  Back when it seemed he took the trade they made of him personally with each and every swing?  Can’t remember that far back?  Ok, how about when we had the potential to not go 1-11 with runners in scoring position?  Or have to rely on Cuddyer to manufacture runs? … Continued

ROX WALK OFF in Extra Innings!

Narrowly avoiding the sweep, the Colorado Rockies took the long and hard way towards the win in the final game against the Braves Wednesday afternoon.  When the dust settled it took 12 innings, nine blown opportunities with runners in scoring position and 12 Rockies left on base before the catching combination of Rosario and Torrealba … Continued


In the second game of the Rockies vs Mets doubleheader, the Rockies entered the field having only 4 errors as a team, which was tied for the fourth best record in the majors.  When they left the game they were sitting at seven.  If the game ended with a loss, that would have been the … Continued


“WELCOME TO DENVER!” I can still hear ringing voice of Renelda Muse over the DIA speakers in the shuttles to the main terminal. So this article is my official “Welcome to Denver” for the Rockies four new lineup regulars:  Michael Cuddyer, Marco Scutaro, Ramon Hernandez and Casey Blake.  First a tip of the baseball cap … Continued

Fan Fest 2012

For anyone who hasn’t attended the Fan Fest at Coors Field, it was a really great experience for baseball fans. The Rockies had pretty much the entire stadium open for viewing. Depending on where you wanted to start, you could head down to the lower levels and walk past the coach’s conference room and into … Continued