“That’s the only way I know how…”

Monday marked the first episode of a new show on KOA, AM 850 titled “Rockies Prime Time”.  The show will air each Monday at 7:00pm from now until the end of spring training.  The shows hosts, Jack Corrigan, Jerry Schemmel and Mike Rice were joined by the Rockies VP of Communications and Public Relations Jay … Continued

Cody Ross: Potential Pickup

[UPDATE 12.29.2011] Well, it looks like Olney and Renck are both either mistaken in their assessment of the Ross situation, or they were given incorrect information.  Wednesday Saunders of the DP reported that the Ross rumors are wrong and the reason is exactly what i speculated earlier: too much depth in our outfield already. [12.27.2011] … Continued

Say Hello to Cuddyer and Blake

Michael Cuddyer and Casey Blake are the two latest additions to the Colorado Rockies, but they are far from being signed under the same contractual terms. Cuddyer signed a 3 year, $31.5 million contract while Blake was a paltry 1 year, $2 million.  Blake’s contract is also not guaranteed. Personally I like that Cuddyer was … Continued